Bad Boy Rock Star

By: Candy J. Starr

I spurted out my coffee. Imagining Jack Colt's cock was not my intention, although it'd be long and thin, like his fingers and…

"What about the rest of the band?"

"Well, there's Eric the bass player. He's half-Korean and pretty quiet most of the time. He doesn't really let on what he's thinking but he takes the music seriously. I think he does most of the stuff for the band because their management is pretty slack. Oops, sorry."

"That's okay. Go on."

"He's a graphic designer and so he does most of the graphics for the band, like this." She held out the picture on the front of the t-shirt to demonstrate. "Hey, can you get the files from him? I can add them to the site. And then there's Spud. He's okay. Not real bright but he's a great drummer. I think he could be gay. Well, maybe. I've never seen him with a chick before."

I wondered if he was the one carrying the drum into the backroom.

"Ha, check this out. We've got 100 followers on the site already. Bonus. Do we need a Twitter? We need Twitter, right? And Facebook. A band is nothing without social media these days. Hey, it's okay me doing this? I mean, I don't wanna step on your toes or anything."

"No, it's okay really." Like I wouldn't want her doing all this work for free.

"There's another thing. I really feel like I'm being pushy now and…"

I looked encouragingly. I'd not known Angie for long but already it got me worried when she was nervous about broaching a subject. This girl had the motormouth to end all motormouths.

"… can I make a video clip? Please say I can? I need a project for my final assessment and if I had to pick any project at all this would be my uttermost dream project. In fact, I do dream about it all the time. I can direct it and I've a few friends who can film and do lighting and all that and I will do the most top notch professional job of editing it all together. Please say yes. Please say I can do it. Please, please."

She tried to look at me with puppy dog eyes, her chin rest on hands covered in some hot pink and black glove things. I'm not sure how puppy-like they were though. I calculated how that would affect my plans. Good thing? Bad thing?

"We could get them to dress up. Or maybe not. Jack would hate it. He'd probably want to sack you as manager."

"We'll do it."

She squealed.

"I also have some notes about where the band should play. I'm an idiot. Of course, you'd know all this stuff already but I really, really think they should be playing bigger venues. You saw how crowded the bar was last night and they weren't even headlining. In fact, half the crowd left before the main band. So I've made a few suggestions here. Maybe you've tried to book them already. I didn't call the venues or anything, honest."

I folded the notes and put them in my bag. They might come in handy.

"By the way, I need to ask you something. Where do…" I couldn't actually say poor people, could I? I mean people get a bit upset about that kind of thing. What was the polite way of saying it? "Where do you buy moisturiser when you don't have much money? Is there something that's good but not too expensive?"

She gave me a strange look.

"You don't exactly look poor, you know."

"Yeah, well all my money is tied up at the moment. I don't have a lot of cash to spend."

"Ah, shit. See, it's going to take about $1000 to make the video. We can do it cheap but we need to hire lights and a space. If we want it to look good, I reckon a grand is the absolute minimum."

"That might be difficult." I hated to say it. I'd never once in my life had to tell anyone I'd not been able to do something because I couldn't afford it.

We both sighed.

She rummaged around in her handbag – seriously that bag was the hugest thing I'd ever seen – and handed me a fistful of sachets.

"Here, take these. I get them free."

I took them. That was enough moisturiser to last me a few weeks. Surely everything would be back to normal by then anyway. I'd never heard of the brand though. I hoped it wouldn't make me break out in hives.

"Thanks. Where do you get this stuff?"

"Well, it's my job. Hey, wait, do you want to earn some easy money?"

I raised my eyebrow. I might be down on my luck but I wasn't that down on my luck. Easy money usually meant one thing and I wasn't desperate enough for that.

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