Bad Boy vs Millionaire

By: Candy J. Starr

“If you've finished your coffee, let's go for a drive. I can show you some of the city.”

I nodded. I thought sightseeing sounded good but I wondered why Tamaki had so much free time. Shouldn’t he be working? His father had been really insistent that he showed me around though.

When we got out of the city, Tamaki put the top down on the car. I loved the feeling of the wind in my hair plus it meant I didn't have to try to make conversation. I felt as though I’d reached the limit of small talk for the day. We drove along the bay and I watched the ships with the backdrop of the city behind them.

Finally Tamaki pulled over by the sea where they could look back to the city. We both got out of the car.

“On a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji from here.”

I looked in the direction he pointed, trying to imagine a mountain there. How does a mountain just disappear if it's not a clear day? How thick was that fog?

“Let's go to see the giant Buddha.”

Yeah, that sounded fun. Buddhas are all the same, no matter how big they are. My phone beeped and I rushed to get it out of my bag.

Are you having fun? Ask Tamaki about his car. He likes to talk about his car.

That pissed me off. It wasn’t as if I was expecting it to be anyone else or that my hopes had risen just a tiny bit. But really, I didn’t need dating advice. And I couldn’t ignore the sinking in my heart when I realised the message was just from Dad.

Tamaki had moved beside me, his arm almost touching mine. I closed the message before he could read it.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing at all.” I turned my phone off and threw it back into my bag, thinking it was a bit rude of him to ask about my personal messages anyway. It was none of his business.

Somehow, the day seemed a little less bright and I knew looking at a giant Buddha was not where I wanted to be.

Chapter 4. Angie

After taking some time to think about the phone call, I still couldn't decide what to do. I'd sent Hannah an email but she hadn't replied. I wasn't sure if I should tell her to come home or if I should try to deal with it myself. I didn't want to seem incapable but I didn't want to screw things up either. Maybe Hannah could phone them and sort things out that way. That would work. I cursed myself for encouraging Hannah to go away in the first place. It didn't matter about all that love stuff. Business was more important, surely.

What to do next? I couldn't sit around my apartment waiting for Hannah's reply and it was far too early to get to class.

I decided I'd go over to Jack and Eric and tell them about the offer. Why had not thought of that before? It was a genius plan. They'd be so excited, they'd shower me with food and awesome. Speaking of showers, how long had it been? Maybe I should shower first. And do hair and some makeup. Casual, “just popped around on the spur of the moment” makeup. Even though I got to hang out with them now, I still felt a stirring of fan girl excitement. And I’d never actually been to their place. Hannah had left me with the address in case of an emergency.

Clothes, clothes? What would look best? Not too hardcore. Something cute and quirky. My vintage dress in red and white polka dot. That would be perfect. With ankle socks and black lace up shoes. And hair in two braids with a red flower clip.

Well that was sorted at least.

Before I even got to the apartment, I saw Jack Colt walking down the street. In his boots and skintight jeans, with a guitar slung over his back, he looked as if he'd just stepped out of a video clip. I hadn’t even thought about the possibility that they might not be home.

“Hey, Bon Jovi, I was on my way to see you guys. I've got major news. Is Eric home too?”

“I have no idea.”

I looked Jack over. The dark circles under his eyes and the gauntness to his face would have ruined the looks of a lesser man but on Jack Colt, they just gave him an extra edge. My gaze wandered down his body until I remembered this guy was now off limits. The last thing Hannah needed while she was dealing with her dad was her friend making a move. And plus we had a deal, killer boots.

“Well, no point going over things twice. I'll tell you both together.” Even though keeping the news inside practically killed me.

Jack led the way inside, not talking. I thought he'd ask about Hannah and try to get some news but he didn't. Instead the topic hung between us like a giant wall, making all other conversation impossible.

He really felt something for her, that was plain. It wasn’t just a fling for him or he'd not have any problem mentioning her name.

“When's the new song going to be ready?”

Jack shrugged.

“Sheesh, don't just shrug at me. Do you know how annoying that is? People shouldn't just shrug. Do you have a time frame? Next week? Next month? And, even though you haven't asked, she's still in Tokyo. She's fine but just having some issues ― again ― with her father. She hasn't mentioned you either but that's because you are both a pair of stubborn idiots. In fact, she wanted to come home but I told her to stay longer.”

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