Bad Boy vs Millionaire

By: Candy J. Starr

Why did Dad even want me to meet him in Tokyo? It was only a few weeks before he had been at my house, desperate for cash to the point of almost robbing me for a few hundred dollars. Then he'd sent me that text message wanting me to meet him. Then… I wasn't going to think about that though. I was NOT going to think about Jack Colt. Not while I was lost and alone and had immediate and pressing shit to deal with. Maybe I would NOT think about Jack Colt ever. I could spend my entire life not thinking about Jack Colt. That would work fine for me.

If only I could find a cabstand. Cars drove passed me but none of them were cabs. I didn’t even know what cabs looked like here. Were they the same as at home or was it some whole other cab system?

I stamped my feet but that did no good. From a nearby shop, a jingle played on repeat so that that the tinny melody got stuck in my head even though I couldn't understand the words.

I wanted a comfortable bed and a GODDAMN coffee. A hot coffee, not one that tasted like that shit I’d got at the airport. The wind blew around me, swirling up grime that got in my eyes and stuck to my skin.

I pulled a cardigan out of my bag. It was an old cardigan of Angie’s that she’d pulled off and handed me just before I went through the customs door, reminding me it’d be freezing on the plane.

Then my phone beeped.

Find the cutest guy around and ask him for directions.

Typical Angie advice. If only she'd realised there were no cute guys. Just old men in cheap suits who all looked like they didn't really want to be on this planet. I was about to reply when someone caught my eye.

He towered above the people around him and the cut of his suit showed he had money and a sense of style. But, what really caught my eye was his cheekbones. That guy has really awesome bone structure, I thought. I'll ask him.

“Excuse me,” I called but my voice got lost in the noise around me. “Excuse me.”

He walked straight towards me. I gasped as I got a look at his face full on. He really was incredibly good looking, with full lips and the most perfect eyebrows I'd ever seen.

I pulled out my map so I could show him the hotel. I stepped closer to him. He smelt like money, well not so much money but the kind of expensive yet subtle aftershave only money can buy.

Before I could even ask if he spoke English, he grabbed the handle of my suitcase.

“Hey, what are you doing? Let go of my case.”

He didn't speak, just grabbed my wrist and pulled me with him. No one was going to steal my suitcase on the street in broad daylight. Not if I had anything to do with it. I twisted around and smashed him across the bridge of his nose with the side of my fist.


He doubled over. Wow, I was really tough and he totally deserved it. You can't just abduct someone from the train station.

“I was trying to help you. And you broke my nose.” He spoke English. That was a really good sign, I guess. If someone's abducting you, you don't want to have a language barrier.

“It's not broken and I didn't ask you to help me.”

“You aren't at all like I was expecting, Hannah.”

Whoa. Super creepy. He knew my name and he had been expecting me? I stopped walking and stared at him.

“How do you know my name?”

As he turned to me, the sun reflected in his eyes making them sparkle.

“Your father sent me to get you. He said you were lost at the station. I didn't think I had a chance of finding you though amongst all those people. Luckily you found me first. It's a fated encounter.”

“Balls. It's not really fated since I was the only blonde in that entire crowd of people.” Even though I tried to sound angry, inside I wanted to do a little dance of not being lost in a strange and foreign city. And, if my father had sent him to pick me up, he couldn’t be too dodgy.

“Come on, I’ll lead you to the hotel. It’s not far.”

“You don’t have a car?”

He laughed. “In this traffic? It’s much faster to walk.”

Then he smiled at me. It wasn't fair for him to smile at me like that. You know in toothpaste commercials when someone smiles and there is a ping and the sparkle of light coming from their shiny, white teeth? It was like that.

Now, Jack Colt had the kind of smile that could make me crumble and fall to my knees but this guy was different. Jack never gave you a 100% smile. His smile was like 80% smile with maybe 5% sadness behind the smile and 5% sneer and 10% of something that he was holding back and you'd never get to see. That was like the pie chart of Jack Colt's smile.

This guy though, his smile was full on 100%, like a laser beam that cut into your heart and wiped away any anger or annoyance you might be feeling about him snatching your bags away from you on the street. Hell, this guy could trample your life then smile at you and you'd have to smile back.

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