Bad for You

By: Candy J. Starr

When they’d broken up a second time, I’d died inside even more. Then, he’d formed his own band, with him upfront, singing.

I had mixed emotions about that. As he came into the limelight, sure it was good for his career and all, but it also meant a lot more girls noticed him. Not that he was ever without the groupie rumours, but he’d hit the big time without Tex overshadowing him. Seriously, if even one percent of those stories on the groupie sites were true, the man was a sexual powerhouse.

It was ridiculous to even consider that he’d be sexual powerhousing me but that didn’t stop the shards of jealousy piercing my heart every time I read one of those stories. I tried to stop myself but it was like picking at a scab. Even though I knew it’d cause me pain, I couldn’t stop.

I reassured myself that him being the biggest manwhore in rock was a lot better than him settling down with one chick. None of those groupies meant anything to him. He needed to meet the right woman. Who was me, obviously.

I’d never get anywhere near the guy. Although, things were looking up.

“He’s moved here, you know,” I told Meadow.

“I know; you’ve told me fifty times.”

“Well, don’t you ever think about it? That you might be buying some eggs at the supermarket and he’s buying eggs too. Or maybe he’ll walk into a cafe when you’re having brunch. At any point in time, you could run into him.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed how you fancy yourself up lately to just to go get a carton of milk.” She spun around and stared at me. “God, that’s why you took that job across town, isn’t it? It’s in the same block as the recording studio.”

I gave her the finger guns. “You got it. It’s boring as all hell but the location is perfect.”

Meadow loved Devon but not in the way I loved Devon. She liked his music and she liked seeing him play but she didn’t have the obsession I’d always had. I guess that’s why we were still friends. If she loved him the same as me, I’d probably end up hating her. Well, not hating hating, but there’d be tension.

To me, he was the ultimate man. When those dark eyes flashed, I melted. No man could do that to me with just their eyes but him. It wasn’t just his eyes though. That dark, tousled hair and the strong hands didn’t hurt either. Oh, and his rock-hard abs. Not to mention, the way the muscles in his tattoo-covered arms pulsated when he played.

I wondered if he’d take his shirt off tonight. Please let him take his shirt off.

“Hurry up,” she said. “You’ll be preening all night and miss the show.”

Of course, when we got there, the doors hadn’t even opened. There was no line, it was way too early. We waited in front of that big metal door with its big lock, clutching our tickets.

“Do you think he’s here, sound checking?” I asked Meadow.

She shrugged. “It’s possible. Why don’t you run around the back and check?”

“No way. That would be far too pushy.”

“See, that’s why all those other groupies get sex and you don’t. They are probably back there, in skimpy little bikinis offering to blow roadies to meet him.”

She was right about that. Well, I’m not sure about the bikinis, it was a bit too cold for that. This thing with Devon and I would never work out if he just saw me as one of the queue of girls chasing him for sex. He had that aplenty. In my dreams, we always met by accident. He pursued me and appreciated my good qualities. My good qualities didn’t include wearing bikinis or blowing roadies.

“Why have we never done that?” Meadow asked.

“What?” My mind still repulsed by the thought of blowing roadies.

“Tried to get backstage? Just to get an autograph or a photo?”

“Because we’re old and tired and just want to get home to put our feet up. Anyway, remember that time with FORSAKEN? The security guy was going to call the cops.”

Even though I scoffed, Meadow got me thinking. I’d only seen Devon play in our town once before. This place was far too small for big name stars. Normally, Meadow and I had to jump into the car to drive back home straight after the show, before we collapsed of tiredness. But, tonight, we had a five-minute drive home and no work tomorrow. That feeling that something special was about to happen prickled through my body. Special things are more likely to happen if you give them a helping hand too. For starters, Devon moving to my town, that had to be a sign.

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