Bad for You

By: Candy J. Starr

That seemed like the best option. My bladder was screaming and there was not even a doorway in sight. I’d taken a wrong turn.

A straggly pot plant stood alone. I’d bet I wasn’t the first to piss on it.

I whipped my dick out, looking forward to the sheer relief that a slash would bring. It’d be the most joyous part of this miserable evening.

In mid-stream though, I heard a squeal. I turned, the trail of piss looping across the carpet. Fuck. Two fans had made their way backstage. I just hoped they didn’t get out their phones for a photo.

Chapter 4.Daisy

I’d never have done it if Meadow hadn’t put the idea in my head. I’d have gone straight to the car park and been waiting in traffic. But Meadow had put the devil in me and the idea had taken hold. Sneaking backstage, we could totally do that. I had to beat all those bikini-clad models for Devon’s affections.

“Come on, we’re just going for a walk around the building and if we happen to find an open door, we wander in.” I pulled Meadow by the arm.

“We’ll get caught. And arrested. Then the story will be in the paper — and I’m a trusted health professional. I can’t have a scandal like that on my records.” Meadow didn’t seem so keen on the idea now.

“We won’t get caught. Look, the traffic is banked up for over an hour just to get out of here. Do you want to sit in the car, bored for an hour? Or do you want to have an adventure?”

She thought about it for a minute. “I’d really like to have a kebab, actually.”

“There might be a kebab van around the back of the building. You never know.”

I stalked around the building, trying to keep to the shadows. There had to be a way in.

“Come on, keep up,” I said.

“I’m trying,” Meadow said. “But I’m also keeping my eye out for a kebab van.”

We got to the back of the building where a few guys loaded stuff into trucks.

“We can sneak in here,” I said.

I had a closer look. There was no way we’d get past those guys. One of them already had his eye on us.

“I’m not even sure if that goes anywhere but to the stage. We’d just be back where we started.”

Meadow stopped and we had a good look around. There was a steep bank leading to the back of the venue. It’d take more than a steep bank to keep me from Devon now that I was motivated.

“Maybe you’re right but really, you’d think you’d be supportive about this. I’ve been in love with the guy for decades and finally I might get to meet him.”

I puffed from the effort of getting up that bank. My shoes had to be ruined from all the mud too.

“Why now though? Why didn’t you think about this years ago when we were young and fit?”

“He’s moved to town. He announced this surprise gig tonight. It’s all coming together, all the signs. And today, I found a four-leaf clover. Don’t you see?”

I’d been in love with Devon for a long time. He was a soulful poet who knew exactly what I was feeling. His voice comforted me and his body excited me. I had a million and one fantasies of what it’d be like when we finally met. No real life man ever measured up to him.

“Oi!” yelled one of the roadies, who’d spotted us.

I took Meadow’s hand and we ran off. We stumbled over the dark ground. My lungs burnt and I wondered if this was just a fool mission. Even if we got inside, what would we do?

Maybe the dream wouldn’t live up to the reality.

I brushed that negativity away though. Being in the same room as him, breathing the same oxygen, that would be enough for me. Well, technically, I’d been doing that during the concert but he’d be off stage and actually looking at people with his eyes and talking to them with his voice. All that stuff regular people do.

We skimmed around the back of the building. There was a private car park and a ramp leading up to a door.

“That’s it, that’s the backstage door,” I said.

I shivered. So close to our goal. I ran up the ramp and tested the door handle. Of course, it was locked tight. We couldn’t give up and go home now though. I had to believe in the magic. We’d do this, somehow.

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