Bad for You

By: Candy J. Starr

Then the handle turned and Meadow jumped back. Two guys came out. They didn’t look familiar; they weren’t in the band.

“What are you doing?” one of them said.

“Just came out for a cigarette,” said Meadow, putting her fingers up to her mouth in a smoking motion. “The damn door snibbed behind us.”

“You don’t have passes?”

“Damn boss is down on smoking. We had to run out while we had the chance. Now we’re going to have our arses in a sling when he finds out.”

She even managed to make her lip tremble and I swear she squeezed a tear out. I let out a sob too, more from suppressed laughter. She was a genius.

“So, what do you do in the crew? We’ve not seen you before?”

Hell, we’d be sprung now. What could we say? We had on band t-shirts and definitely looked like fans. I needed to think fast. The right answer would unlock the door to the Devon kingdom.

“We work on the merchandise stall.” I pointed to the t-shirt, impressed at the way I lied. “We just started tonight because a couple of the girls got the sack. For going out for a cigarette.”

One of the guys looked at the other, then held the door open for us.

We walked inside. I waited for sirens to screech, warning that we’d entered. But nothing. I wasn’t sure where we were though. I expected there to be a room full of crazy backstage antics, with drugs and groupies and debauchery on a grand scale. Instead, there was just a hallway. I had no idea if we should turn left or right.

“Left?” said Meadow, so we went left. “When in doubt, turn left.”

I wasn’t sure if that was true but it sounded good to me. We walked down the hallway, then got to a corner.

“Left again?” Meadow asked.

I nodded. I thought we’d just get in that outside door and be slap-bang in the middle of some rock star party instead of this empty labyrinth. How could you just hide a rock star party?

That led to more corridors though. Maybe we’d wandered into some kind of experiment where we’d have to walk down hallways forever with no way out. Like those things they do with rats. We were the rats and someone watched us. I knew we’d gotten in too easily. The hallways all looked the same, beige-coloured walls, marked and scuffed, with ugly grey carpet. There were some doors and windows but when we looked through the windows which didn’t have blinds drawn, they were just boring offices.

“What a hideous place to work,” Meadow said. “Stuck down here with no natural light.”

“Yeah, but rock stars,” I replied.

“I guess that might make an awesome view. Anyway, it’s just offices down here and nothing fun. Let’s blow this place.”

As she said it, a blast of music came from somewhere.

I tugged Meadow’s arm. “There’s a party here, and we’re going to find it.”

She nodded and we kept walking. We found a few more doors but they were locked. We opened one but it just had a bunch of musty boxes stacked in it.

We turned down another hallway.

“The party’s close. I can hear it,” Meadow said. “Just around the corner.”

Meadow rushed ahead of me but, when I got around the corner, I barrelled into the back of her. She’d stopped dead and stared at something.

The party?

Then I looked. It wasn’t a party and it wasn’t a crowd.

It was just Devon pissing on the floor!

Chapter 5.Devon

“This isn’t what you think,” I said, knowing full well it was exactly what they thought.

Neither woman made eye contact with me. I looked down and realised they were both staring at my cock. Fuck. I got my shit together and my dick in my pants. My head buzzed from the vodka, and the blackness around me pressed tighter. This would not enhance my reputation but what’s a guy to do when he’s busting for a piss?

What were they doing here anyway? They wore tour shirts and didn’t have laminates so were definitely fans. Either fans who’d snuck backstage or fans who’d won a radio giveaway? Who knew? Even with my head fuzzy from the vodka, I realised I had to play this carefully. You can be a shithead to the press, you can be a shithead to the manager but you can never, ever be a shit head to the fans. Hell, I love my fans.

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