Bad for You

By: Candy J. Starr

Tex just laughed. He got on my nerves with his breezing in here and stealing my beers. Even though I’d cut back on the booze and had no intention of drinking them myself, he could ask first.

“I don’t want you back. I don’t even know when we’re playing again. This is far more important. I want you to be best man at my wedding.”

“Why now? You’ve put it off for this long.”

He was getting married? This was because I’d gotten engaged. I’d got more media attention than him and he wanted to one-up me. That was totally it. I was all ready to say no but Daisy gave me that look.

“We have our reasons.”

“He’ll do it. He’ll be happy to do it,” Daisy said before I could argue more.

I gave him a nod. Even if the guy annoyed the hell out of me, he was my best friend.

Tex nodded back. “See you after the gig,” he said as he left the room.

“Not if I see you first.” That was an embarrassingly lame comeback but it was all I could think of.

From the moment I got on stage, I knew we had it. We had the magic and we had the crowd. All was forgiven. They loved me. They adored me. They’d do anything for me.

A few times I caught Daisy out of the corner of my eye. Not often though. This set, this show, had me in a different place. The music took over. Not one of these people would be going to the bar for another drink. They’d piss themselves rather than leave. The air became electric. I was a god to these people and rightly so.

I got to the final song. The one I’d written for Daisy. Brett had been right, every single person in that audience fell in love with me. I fell in love with myself, but there was only one person’s love I cared about. Right at the climax, I saw Daisy. She’d stopped taking photos and stared at me. That’s why you should never let fans work on the crew. But she drove me to something better. That song would live forever. Our love would live forever.

Loving a real-life woman beat the hell out of loving a ghost. She’d made me become something so much better than I’d dreamed I could be. She was warmth and love and all the good things wrapped up in a marshmallowy package.

Devon *hearts* Daisy. I needed to get that tattooed on me.

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