Bad for You

By: Candy J. Starr

I’d butter them up then dump them on the manager.

Then the one at the back, kind of hiding behind her friend, started laughing. Her laugh echoed in that empty hallway and, while I should’ve been mad at her for laughing at me, it was infectious and good natured. I couldn’t help but laugh too.

“Oops,” I said. Then put my finger up to shush them. “This is our secret. Keep this between the three of us and you can take some photos. I’ll even get you into the party for some free booze.”

The one who’d laughed grabbed her phone out of her back pocket. Not even hesitating. The other one still hung back. The shy one was small and dark haired and looked like she hadn’t eaten a decent meal in years. She had that over-tanned look that made people look older than they were. The one with the phone was tall and marshmallowy. Her blonde hair foofed out, even tied back in a ponytail. That added to the marshmallow effect. Not that she was fat, just pillowy. Like if you rested your head on her while you napped, you’d sleep really well.

“I’m Meadow,” the skinny one said. “And this is Daisy.”

“Wow, Meadow and Daisy. How rural.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of funny. We’ve been teased about it since we were kids,” Daisy said. She kind of stammered over her words but I’d gotten expert at interpreting flushed fan talk over the years.

“I’m Devon,” I said.

They both laughed. Of course they knew who I was.

Daisy grabbed her friend and moved in beside me, throwing her arm around my neck. She held the camera out for a selfie.

“Smile,” she said.

I pulled her tight. She smelt really good. I stumbled a little, so put my arms around both of them, as much to steady myself as anything.

The other girl snapped a few pics then moved away.

“Now, kiss her cheek,” she said, pushing Daisy closer.

The other girl blushed, a rosy pink glow all over her face. Like a pink marshmallow. I had my arm firmly around her shoulders and she tensed. Most fans would’ve been making the most of the situation, maybe even trying to cop a cheap feel but she didn’t seem to want to get her body too close to mine. It made me want to pull her closer and get the comfort of it.

Fans though, you don’t mess with them. Especially nice girls like these ones. You screw people over doing that. Far better to stick with seasoned groupies who knew the game.

After a few more snaps, we were done.

I put my arm around them both and led them off to get some drinks. I definitely needed a drink. No point leaving really. I might as well get rotten drunk here as sit on my own in a hotel room and do it.

“Fantastic concert tonight,” Meadow said.

“Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?”

That was why I needed to drink, I remembered now. If I drank enough, and listened to enough people tell me how great I was, I’d believe it.

We got to the backstage room.

“Here it is,” I said. “Party central.”

I kicked the door open and the three of us walked inside.

“Help yourself.” I gestured to the table filled with booze, grabbing another bottle of vodka.

Some chick ran up to me and dislodged both of them. She babbled on about something but the vodka was far more interesting. I lost track of them after that. I was going to tell the manager to make sure they were looked after but they were big girls, they could look after themselves.

That frog-faced journalist hung around. I could see him across the room. I wasn’t sure how he had the balls to stick around but some people have no clue. I’d ignore him. It’s not like anything he said mattered. The booze and the chicks, that’s why I was here.

I ended up in a discussion with the guys from the support band for ages, drinking more vodka and talking a load of shit. I hadn’t paid much attention to what else was going on. I wasn’t paying attention to how much I was drinking either. Just talking shit and getting my mind off the boring business of life.

Every time I glanced over, the Marshmallow girl was gawking at me. People were like that. I gave her a little wave and she turned away.

I’d made myself comfortable on a sofa but my vodka was almost gone and I was feeling rather sleepy.

“You partying on after this?” one of the guys asked. I’d forgotten his name.

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