Beauty and the Bachelor

By: Naima Simone

“You’re thinking too hard,” she whispered, her lips brushing against his jaw and setting a match to the desire that always simmered for her. He returned the caress, grazing her mouth with his and inhaling her honeysuckle scent.

“I love you,” he murmured. Settling a hand over her belly and his child, he pressed a kiss to her gold and brown curls. “Both of you.”

His tale had begun with blackmail and revenge and ended in joy and love.

Now that the beast had his beauty.

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First and always, I give thanks to my Father, who has blessed me time and time again. Just when I start to think I’ve reached my limit of strength, creativity, and peace, You prove me wrong. And the best moments of my life are when You prove me wrong. Looking forward to co-authoring more books with You.

To Gary. If there is a man who is more supportive, kind, loving, and patient, he’s probably wearing a halo over his head. LOL! I love you, admire you, and strive to be more like you.

To, Debra Glass. You never fail to make me feel like a glittery, princess version of Nalini Singh. Your selflessness has been a true blessing. You are a true blessing, and I thank you for your time, advice, that beautiful brain of yours and Daredevil.

To Jessica Lee. You’ve been my partner in this journey, and I can’t think of a better wingman—or wingwoman. Or whatever. Bottom line, you rock, lady!

To Tracy Montoya. Thank you for the following: Challenging me. Pushing me to dig deeper and be a better writer. Encouraging me. Being such a wonderful editor. Always going to bat for me. Being you. And—which might be the most important of all—introducing me to Firefly.

To The Saints and Sinners. The best street team EVAH!! Y’all are my comic relief, my peeps, my sounding boards, and just a plain good time. I love hanging out with you guys! And I love each and every one of you!

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