Beg Me

By: Cassandra Dee

“Fine,” I said roughly. “One more month and then you’re out.”

And the man bobbed his head up and down thanking me.

“Thank you, thank you Mr. Jones,” he blabbered, eyes welling with tears of relief. “Thank you, this will give me just enough time to find a new job, and I will pay you back, I will,” he promised.

I just turned away, disgusted, shaking my head.

But the pathetic dude had the temerity to keep going.

“Is there one more thing I can ask of you?” he begged, still on his knees.

My head snapped to his, eyes blazing. What the fuck, this guy had just admitted to stealing my money, taking my shit, caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and now he wanted something more from me? Fuck, some people are unbelievable.

But before I could throw him out of my office, the guy’s face crumpled again.

“Please come to my twentieth anniversary party this weekend,” he mumbled, “It’s Linda’s and my anniversary, and I don’t want her to suspect anything. I want my wife to be happy and you know she’s been sick lately, she’s been looking forward to this party for so long. Please come so that she doesn’t think something’s wrong.”

And to my own disbelief, I agreed. What the fuck was wrong with me? I was going soft between this talk of sick wives and family events. But the damage was done.

“Fine,” I ground out, “I’ll be there.”

And with that, Jim shuffled out the door, bowing and scraping, his blonde head bobbing, the wisps of white hair comical as they waved back and forth.

“Oh thank you, thank you,” he blubbered. “You won’t regret it Mr. Jones.”

And after the door shut, I just sighed. Really, what the fuck was wrong with me? Seriously, I had money to make, a business to build, and I’d just been roped into going to a loser party, put on a happy face so that this thief could make his wife happy. Had the world gone crazy?

But I knew the real reason. I’m no Mr. Nice Guy. I’m a sick fuck, an asshole through and through and Jim-boy here had something I wanted. I hadn’t seen Lindy in a while, not for a year almost and she’d been captivating, young, nubile, shy but exciting. It was summer break now, she’d be at the celebration, right? And when my dick jerked, growing hard and twitching uncontrollably, I knew I’d made the right decision. Because Lindy was worth it, I wanted to set my eyes on the beautiful girl even if I was firing her dad.



I lay on the lounger, sunglasses over my eyes, drifting a little. Most of the guests had gone and I was shaded by a huge tree at the edge of the pool which partially blocked the view. With my eyes closed, I reached a hand out to grab my soda, my fingers questing for the drink sightlessly as I fumbled.

Suddenly the cool bottle was pushed into my hand, firm and solid.

“Hey!” I gasped, sitting up, startled.

And oh god, but chills ran up my spine, my body going weak because Mr. Jones stood over me, his big form looming, throwing me in shadow. And he was so close, so near that I literally began to pant. His massive form was only inches away and I had a perfect view of that huge chest, the chiseled six-pack, and that package. Oh god, that package. A small trail of hair ran from his belly button downwards to his waistband, pointing down, down, down to a bulge that made my mouth go dry. I could see the strong arch, the curve underneath the fabric and my cunt started tingling, sparkling deep inside. Oh fuck, I was seriously losing it just being around this guy.

And Mr. Jones chuckled, following my line of sight.

“See something you like?” he said smoothly, eyebrow raised.

I flushed, immediately flicking my eyes away, embarrassed, pulling my towel over my breasts, trying to look cool although my insides were dissolving, warm and melty. God, I was such an amateur, caught head on, staring at his bulge like a virginal girl.

“Um hey Mr. Jones,” I said with a weak smile. “How are you? Thanks for coming to my parents’ anniversary party,” I added lamely.

The big man’s eyes became impenetrable for a second but then it passed, and I shook my head, sure it was a mirage.

“No problem,” he said smoothly, not sitting down, still looming over me. “I wanted to come, it’s been a long time since I saw you, Lindy. You look great.”

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