Bitten by Ecstasy

By: Naima Simone

“Why?” Bastien gasped, his mental voice already weakening.

But Evander didn’t respond, evidently through talking. The stranger had returned, his dark visage suffused with hate and fury as he twisted his talon, shredding organs, tissue and muscle.

Bastien moaned as another blast of pain detonated inside his body. But he could no longer cry out. Even as Evander’s claws continued to eviscerate him like knives gutting a fish, Bastien could only cling to the man who had once been a beloved friend.

“Why, damn it?” he sent the demand down their flagging telepathic link in a last, vain attempt for answers, for understanding.

None came.

None came when Evander thrust him away with a negligent shove of his palm.

None came when Bastien tumbled through the air, broken and bleeding, toward the frigid, obsidian sea.

Not like this. Please, I don’t want to die like this.

He slammed into the churning, black waves. His spine snapped. The bones in his wings shattered.

Cold. So fucking cold…

The sea closed over his head, swallowing him whole.


* * * * *

Heat. Sweet, fierce heat. On his tongue, in his throat, chest, exploding in his stomach.

More. Please. He whimpered. More.

A delectable wine-and-hot-cider blend flowed down his throat, seemed to attach to blood and veins and ride the complex arterial circuit to every shriveled, frozen cell and extremity of his body.

He pried open his eyelids, cracking the seal that glued them together. He groaned and just that small act sapped him of whatever miniscule power he’d conjured. But his defiance had been worth it.

A beautiful angel hovered over him.

Bastien sighed. His lashes trembled then closed. He carried the image of his silver-haired-and-eyed angel into the void with him even as he stretched his mouth wide for more of the exquisite ambrosia of her blood.


So rich. So wrong.

Part of him cried out at the profane act of drinking from her sliced wrist. No, it wasn’t right. It wasn’t natural. He was a hippogryph—not a vampire!

His soul cringed even as his beast roared for more.

Yet as the sweet, tangy fluid rolled over his tongue and he guzzled the liquid in greedy gulps, a single thought prevailed.

I’m damned.

Chapter One

Five months later…

She was brilliant lightning and a flawless midnight sky. Power and perfection.

He reached for her, bracing himself for the jolt of daring to touch such contained intensity. His fingertips glanced over her collarbone, pausing to linger in the shallow dent gracing the middle. The steady pulse under the delicate skin captivated him, enthralled him. Gritting his teeth against the moan rumbling in the back of his throat, he dropped his hand. Such a simple, almost innocuous caress, and yet heat rushed over his fingers, up his arm and simmered in his gut.

Sweet. Hot. And not enough.

He wanted to burn.

“Kiss me,” he growled.

Above him, silver eyes narrowed. Hair of the same radiant color cascaded forward over her shoulders and spilled across his face and shoulders. His fingers waded through the silken mass, tangling in the heavy strands. Anchoring him.

“Take me,” he amended hoarsely.

Electric fire flashed in her bright gaze, backlit by crimson flames. As he’d suspected, the thought of taking—of conquering—appealed to her hunter’s soul. Like a predator on the prowl, she slowly lowered, planting her palms on either side of his head and bracketing his hips with her knees. Huge onyx wings snapped out, the pop like a whip cracking through the air. The blackest part of night descended on him as obsidian feathers draped over them, blanketing them. Shutting everything else out.

Pounce. Please, damn it. The silent plea ricocheted against his skull, and he fought not to drag her down and seize what he craved. Her mouth. Her taste. Her passion.

A tiny snarl lifted the corner of her mouth, offering a hint of fang. His body tightened. His cock hardened, throbbed in time with the rapid pulse of his racing heart. The pointy incisor should’ve intimidated him, especially so close to his flesh, but instead it excited him. Aroused a hunger for more than the hot, sweet pussy hovering inches above his hips.

With a low growl that matched the one vibrating in his chest, she struck. Her mouth crushed his, consumed him. Devoured him. Thrust. Lick. Stroke. Suck. His fingers flexed against her scalp, pressing her closer as he tilted his head and took the kiss deeper.

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