Bitten by Ecstasy

By: Naima Simone

Or sacrifice the identity she’d recovered in the secret room of the Cardei castel and become this new creature with powers and abilities she and Bastien would discover day by day.

The decision hadn’t been one at all.

He was already her life so she’d taken him as her bondmate.

Kind of fitting, she supposed on a spurt of amusement. A cruxim-hippogryph hybrid mated to a hippogryph-no-idea-what-he-was crossbreed.

Bastien’s wings snapped out and he veered across the pre-dawn sky, his distinctive feathers vivid against the gray, purple and orange hues bruising the horizon. With a piercing caw, he dared Sinéad to try to keep up with him.

“As if I can’t,” she scoffed, darting behind him. She may be new to eagle wings, but she’d been flying for three hundred years.

They played, enjoying the “welcome home” ritual they indulged in every morning after she returned from a night of hunting and he from an evening at the clinic he’d established and ran for immortals of any race who needed healing.

Pride filled her chest. Though he’d decided to remain this unknown hybrid in exchange for Sinéad’s life—and she adored him no matter what blood coursed through his veins—the doctor and researcher in him couldn’t resign the need to discover exactly what he was.

When not patching up immortals, he spent hours in the clinic’s laboratory, analyzing and studying samples. Still, the bitter, resentful male who’d tracked her down in Dublin no longer existed. He’d come to terms with the beast that resided inside him alongside his hippogryph. Yet Bastien had decided not to return to his homeland, understanding his king and people wouldn’t accept him as he was—as he’d chosen to be in exchange for Sinéad’s life. They would view Bastien as an abomination. She considered him a miracle.

The sacrifice only made her love him more.

And want to eradicate in bloody, excruciating torture anyone or anything that dared hurt him.

“You’re too slow.” Bastien laughed, having shifted except for the widespread black-and-white wings. He hadn’t bothered to clothe his body but flew naked, displaying his delicious, scarred form to her.

Sinéad assumed her cruxim form—with clothes. The familiarity of her black wings and the silver hair she’d ceased dying was another boon to her healing soul.

“You wish,” she taunted. “I just like to make you feel all big and manly.” She arched a brow. “So I let you win.”

“Really.” A grin widened his full, sensual lips as white-blond strands whipped around his shoulders and face. He closed in on her, slow, predatory. Stalking her across the dawn.

Without warning, he dove for her, clasped her against his chest and took her mouth in a kiss. She sighed and forgot about games, teasing and winning. With his smooth, hard nakedness pressed to her and his tongue mimicking an erotic dance of what was to come, she surrendered. Wholly and willingly.

Twining her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips, Sinéad didn’t flinch when a talon slowly ripped the soft sheath she’d conjured with her magic. She moaned and then cried out as he slid into her pussy, filling her, stretching her in a tender burn she’d come to crave.

Gently, Bastien rolled them over, covering her, the clouds the softest mattress imaginable. He pumped into her core, riding her as together they coasted along the wind. Pleasure swirled and dipped in her belly. Sweet Lady, it didn’t take long with him. It never did.

He lowered his head to her breast, his hips maintaining their sweet, torturous rhythm. His lips closed over her nipple, suckled, and a spear of desire arrowed to her pussy, making her muscles quiver and clench around his cock. Bastien growled against her flesh and responded with a hard thrust, propelling her closer to the edge of orgasm.

His tongue lapped at her taut peak then the swell of her breast. Sinéad knew what was coming. Welcomed it. And as his fangs pierced her skin and his lips drew on her flesh, she exploded. His cock thrusting deep within her, his arms closed tight around her and his mouth feeding from her…

It was joy.

It was perfect.

It was ecstasy.

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