Blood Rites

By: Amity Cross

The door opened behind me and I closed my eyes, thoroughly annoyed at being interrupted. The part where the life slipped from their eyes was the best bit. Someone had taught me that a long time ago.


“What the fuck is it, Hawkes?” I snapped. Hawkes, who was fucking loyal to the ends of my insanity.

“A protocol has been activated.”

I rose to my feet, blood dripping from the tip of my knife and I turned to face him, suddenly curious. “Really? Which one?”

“The Black Horse.”

A slow, lazy smile tugged at my lips. So, Xavier Blood and his bit on the side had come out of hiding to play. No doubt he was helping her go after Sykes and since he was cast off from Royal Blood, wanted a little push in the right direction. A warm feeling of satisfaction spread across my chest. This was going to be very interesting and extremely profitable for The Hangman.

“Ready for some fun, Hawkes?” I asked, setting the knife down on the table, my quarry hanging in the middle of the room, forgotten.

Hawkes eyed me, his grin reflecting mine. “Always.”

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