Blood Rites

By: Amity Cross

Ever since running into Lorelei on the street, I couldn’t stop thinking about what her pussy would feel like. It was obvious she found me attractive and she looked sweet…the straight-laced kind of sweet. Those were usually the most fun to play.

“Lansford… Why does that name sound familiar?” I asked, picking up the file.

“The Lansford’s are self-made billionaires,” Hawkes explained. “The father made his money in Corporate Resale. Still does.”

I flipped through the first few pages and stopped when I saw her picture. Lorelei Lansford. “No title?”

“No title.”

Title was everything to society in these parts. Barons, Dukes, Duchesses, Baronesses and what-fucking-evers. The middle fucking ages never ended in this country and it was still all about breeding. I glanced at the photograph once more before closing the folder. The Lansford’s were the wave of the future. I could respect a man who worked his way up from the commons and dragged himself through shit to get to the top. I could also respect a woman who was brought up to respect the wealth her father had worked so hard to acquire.

Hawkes was still hovering and I glanced up at him. “What?”

“Mr. Sykes has agreed to meet with you.”

I sat up straight in my chair. “Really? The bad man finally wants to come and play?”

Sykes was the same age as me, late twenties, and had the same drive to succeed in the criminal underworld. Where I dealt with high society and pricy merchandise, he dealt with the more gritty aspects. He was the leader of the Necromancers who, on the surface, were nothing more than a regular thuggish Motorcycle Club. Underneath all of that, their President had more precise aspirations. He wanted to take his Club and turn it into a slick cartel scaled operation. Together, we had a chance of taking both our operations to the next level.

Sykes could help me expand my drug trade and push our biggest competitor, rival bikers Royal Blood, out completely. Not to mention, I could help him reach international clients who were aligned with much darker passions. It was the ultimate corporate merger of the underworld.

“He would like to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience,” Hawkes said.

I leaned back in my chair. Scratch my Lorelei itch or meet with Sykes? Which would come first?

“Get Marcia on the phone,” I said, a devious plan hatching in my mind.

Hawkes frowned. “A party? Now?”

“Yes, Hawkes. I’ve got a itch that needs scratching.”

He glanced at me, his frown giving away that he disapproved. He usually got some pussy out of it, so why he gave a shit, I didn’t know.

“Her father mightn’t be titled, but he could financially ruin you within months.”

“I understand, Hawkes,” I snapped. Gregory Lansford was a ruthless man. He had to be to get to where he was.

“She’s not like the others.”

I glared up at him. “Is there something I should know?”

He narrowed his eyes. “No, Sir.”

I leaned back in my chair. He knew who paid him above award fucking wage.

“Is that all, Vaughn?” He wasn’t happy about my parties, but that wasn’t anything new.

I waved my hand to dismiss him. “Yeah, fuck off.”

Flipping open the file, I began to learn all I could about sweet, little, Lorelei Lansford.

Hot water pounded over my head as I stood in my shower, thinking about Lorelei’s tight little pussy.

Of course, I had no idea how tight she was, but I had a vivid imagination. Art Gallery curator, rich, demure, not even a parking ticket to her name… She was begging for me to corrupt her.

Wrapping my fingers around my erect cock, I began to stroke myself, wondering what it would be like to have her in this very shower. I let my head fall back, a moan escaping between my parted lips. Lorelei on her knees, her mouth wrapped around me. I pumped harder, my balls aching.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d masturbated thinking about a woman. It would have to be a long time ago because if I wanted to fuck, I just went out and found a willing participant. I’d have my dick in a pretty little thing in under an hour, but the thought of going out and fucking someone else when I was so fixated on Lorelei, didn’t hold my interest.

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