Bound to You:The Complete Novel

By: Vanessa Booke

“Yeah, I just need to pick up a few outfits for a photo shoot we’re doing tomorrow,” Carol says, throwing her phone back inside her purse. A loud buzzing sound draws her attention back to her phone as she scoops it out of her bag. Carol bursts into laughter, shoving her cell in my hands.


Take care of Becca. Please.


Mrs. G

I am mortified that my mother has Carol’s cell phone number. I didn’t give it to her, which means she probably copied it out of my phone contacts. She’s too sneaky for her own good.

“Becca, I have to warn you, this isn’t the first time your mom has called me. She called before I came to pick you up.” I turn to Carol, covering the red blazing on my cheeks. “And she called again about an hour ago.”

“Oh, god.” It was like I was back in freshmen year of college spending my first night away from home. I can still remember the way the other college girls in our dorm stared at me when my RA came in, saying that my mother had called to ask if I was doing all right on my first night away from home. Can you say utterly embarrassing? Yup. That’s her.

“She said she’s worried about you.” Carol eyes me with curiosity. Yeah, she would be, but I actually think she’s more concerned that I’ve totally blown it with Miles.

Not that I would count that as a bad thing.

“I think she’s worried that I might’ve ruined her shot at grandbabies.”

“What?” Carol laughs, playfully shoving me. “Are you pregnant?”

“Gosh, no!” That would be a serious problem. Not just because I’m totally not ready for babies, but if I were, Miles would definitely be the wrong guy.

“Miles came to see me before I left,” I admit, avoiding Carol’s stare. She can see through anything. It’s like she has x-ray vision of the mind.

“What? Seriously?”

“Yeah, he wanted to get back together.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“No, definitely not.”

“You know, you never really explained what he did to mess up. You promised to explain it to me in person. Are you ready to tell me now?”

Somehow, when I really think about it, Miles’s betrayal feels partly my fault. Maybe I wasn’t a good enough girlfriend. Maybe I made him stray. Our physical relationship seemed a lot more important to him than anything else. It’s not that I’m a prude about sex, but the fact that Miles made me feel incompetent on the subject. He has a nasty habit of trying to tell me what he wanted by bringing up what old girlfriends used to do. From there, the chemistry between us began to flicker out. I wanted to work on ‘us,’ but unfortunately, Miles didn’t seem to share the same sentiment. I guess it was easier to go fuck someone else.

“He cheated on me with his co-star.”

“Ew, you mean the blonde in Future Outlaw?”

“Yeah, she’s the one who plays his love interest on the show.”

“Lovely,” Carol huffs. “The little slut.”

“She is lovely. She has legs for miles and she’s thin. According to the latest gossip, Miles had dumped his no-name girlfriend, me, for his thinner, with an emphasis on thinner, girlfriend. What’s worse is I just found out through STARS magazine that they’re engaged.”

“What a douche! He doesn’t deserve you.” Carol grabs my hand, giving it a quick squeeze. “He really doesn’t. And please don’t listen to the stupid TV or any of those gossip magazines. You’re beautiful. Who wouldn’t want you? I mean, I do, and I’m not even into girls,” she says.

“Thanks, girly.”

Carol playfully nudges me with her shoulder. “I know you’ll be okay, but is there anything I can do? I mean, I do know some people,” she says, giving me a knowing look.

I miss having someone to talk to, at least someone other than my mother. It feels great knowing that Carol has my back. It makes this trip out here a little easier. I hope the transition is just as smooth.

“I’m okay. A little shaky, but okay.” I smile.

“Well, fuck him.”

“I just wish I could forget we were ever together.”

“Cheri has just the thing for that!” Carol says, excitement coursing through her. “C’mon, let’s pick up the outfits I need from her, an extra something for you, and get back to my pad. We have to get ready for your date tonight,” Carol says, winking.

“Date? How the hell do I have a date?” I really hoped Carol doesn’t plan to hook me up with a friend of hers. I hate blind dates.

“It’s complicated. In short, I’m meeting Tristan Knight, another client of mine at a club opening. It’s tonight. He wants to talk over some plans for getting publicity for the new art gallery he’s thinking of opening. I only agreed to meet tonight because he said he didn’t mind if I brought a friend along who just moved here. He actually said that he would bring a friend, too.”

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