By: Jayne Blue

Nicole’s purse dropped to the floor as she brought her hands up and threaded them through my hair. Fuck. She’d done that under the bleachers too. Right before she turned and lifted that cheerleader skirt and I got to see how ready she really was for me.

She brought a hand up, running it along my thigh; her fingers played at the bulge between my legs. I was hot and hard and I wasn’t playing. It was time to see whether she was. Returning the favor, I slid my hand beneath her tight black pencil skirt. Her thighs quivered as she parted them for me, almost on instinct.

“Brax.” She gasped my name, bringing back a flood of remembered sensations. She’d been so tight and wet. Her mouth had been eager as she wrapped it around the length of me. My fingers reached the thin patch of cotton at the vee of her legs. She was soaked through.


I slid a finger beneath the fabric and found her slick heat. She shuddered and opened for me. When I circled the pad of my thumb around that taut little button of flesh, Nicole arched her back in the chair, pulled away at first, then sank her head on my shoulder, struggling to get control of herself.

When she looked back up at me, her eyes flashed. Tiny beads of sweat formed above her brow and every inch of her creamy white skin had flushed pink for me. I knew what it took for her to do what she did next. I held the proof of her burning need beneath my thumb.

But Nicole closed her legs and pulled her skirt back into place. I slid my hand away from her and straightened my own shirt, keeping my hands steady.

“You haven’t agreed to help me yet,” she said, her voice ragged.

I ran a hand through my hair and looked toward the ceiling. Baseball. Business expenses. Shipping invoices. I forced my mind away from that hot little space between her legs. Smiling, I looked back at her.

“You’re right.”

She leaned down and picked up her purse, giving me a flash of those perfect, round tits where they strained against her bra. Then she rose on unsteady legs and unzipped the purse. She pulled out a folded stack of papers and a photograph, handing them out to me with trembling fingers.

“Doug’s cell phone records. And I’ve written down the places he usually hangs out. Also a few people I’ve heard him talk about. Maybe some of them will mean something to you.”

I gritted my teeth. “What’s his problem? Drugs? Gambling?”

“I don’t know. Probably both.”

“He’s been stealing from you?”

She nodded. “A little. And I haven’t seen him in four days. He won’t answer his phone. He’s never not checked in with me for that long. He got angry with me. I said no when he asked me for a loan. It was a lot of money he wanted. Ten grand. The police don’t seem to be as concerned as I am.”

I couldn’t help the smirk that came into my face. “I can’t imagine they would . . . look . . .”

“I need you,” she said, cutting me off before I could finish. “I don’t have anyone else who can help me. And I always pay my debts.”

Fuck. There it was. Her offer. Bold and simple. Help her and she’d let me take my payment any way I wanted. So it circled right back to where I started. Did I want it from her bad enough? Was she worth the trouble?

I moved toward her. She trembled but held her ground. Her eyes traveled up the length of me as I towered over her by almost a foot. I slid my hand back to the nape of her neck and angled her best for kissing. Again, she gave me that little gasp and parted her lips, as if I’d trained her to do it. God. That’s exactly what I wanted from her.

She groaned when I brought my lips down to hers. I pulled away but kept my forehead pressed against hers. “Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

Her eyes searched mine as she nodded. “Yes,” she gasped. “Anything, I’ll do anything. Just help me.” Yeah. She needed my help, but she needed more than that. The little flash in her eyes betrayed her truth. This wasn’t just about her brother. I think it shocked her how bad she ended up wanting me when I put my hands on her.

“Good,” I said as I let her go and took the folded paper from her hands. “Because I always collect.”

Chapter Two



I tried to be smooth. Tried to be cool. My fingers shook as I tried to stab the key into the ignition. The neon Great Wolf logo blinked in my rearview mirror in time with my hammering pulse. I pressed my forehead against the steering wheel as my Jeep Wrangler fired to life.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, walking into that bar, but I hadn’t expected to remember what Brax felt like all those years ago. Hadn’t expected him to stir up what had, up until that point, been both the best and worst nights of my life.

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