Caught Up In His Love

By: Danielle Marcus

Raina began to smirk. If she gave me the ‘I told you so’ speech, I was fully prepared to curse her ass out. There was no secret that Raina hated Nyla, and the feeling was mutual.

Nyla was the type of person that didn’t believe you should have friends outside of her. She was a jealous broad, and had been that way since we were kids. When Raina came into the picture, Nyla was a complete bitch. She stayed giving Raina shade. It got to the point that I had to keep them separated before one of them killed the other.

“Girl bye.” Raina shot, tooting her lips up. “I blame you. I told you that broad was jealous of you. And I told you to never leave a bitch alone with your man. I don’t give a fuck who they are. Now she creepin’ behind yo’ back with that sorry ass nigga, and his ass walking around like his shit don’t stink.”

I rolled my eyes at Raina. She needed to learn how not to speak her mind all of the time. But, I had to admit that she was speaking the truth. “Yea, yea. Enough about their miserable asses. What’s up with you and E? You’ve been glowing lately. Where’s his brother at? Tell him I said what’s up on going half on a baby.” I teased, knowing damn well that I wasn’t ready to start dating again. Call me soft, but after seven years, getting over Lance wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. I did love him. It was just that I loved me more and I would look so weak if I took him back after he committed the ultimate betrayal.

“He do have a fine ass brother for real, though. I bet you would like Los.” She smiled, and I knew that she was already playing match maker in her head. Nyla couldn’t wait for me to move on with someone else. I think the heffa’ would have hooked me up with Ru Paul, just to say that I wasn’t with Lance anymore.

“Really? I mean, if he look like his brother then I’ll think about it, but I don’t be trusting you. You like them crazy, rough looking niggas.” I chuckled, messing with her. I was surprised that she and E hooked up, because Raina dated Negros with faces that only a mother could love.

E was a borderline pretty boy, except there was no hiding the thug in him. He was a cocky Eastside nigga with a big bank account and swag out of this world. He used to tease me about putting his brother on me, but it never happened because I was always with Lance.

Raina wasn’t bad on the eyes, either. She stayed laced in the latest designers, and her hair, nails, and makeup was always on point as well. At 5’4, she was a perfect size ten. She wasn’t Buffy the Body thick, but she wasn’t model thin, either. Then she was a pretty bronze complexion with hazel eyes.

Raina rolled her eyes to the ceiling, then focused back on me. “Whatever. Don’t be trying to come for me, because I did not send for your raggedy ass. And yes he is your type. Seriously, Los is a good man, he just got out of a relationship with this tramp and I think y’all would like each other.”

I side-eyed her, studying her face. I still hadn’t forgotten the last time that she called herself hooking me up. I had to sit on a horrendous date for three long hours with Flava Flave’s son. They say looks shouldn’t matter, but I’ll be damned if I’d be waking up to an ugly motherfucka every morning. Shit, I roll over and get scared back to sleep every day, I’ll pass.

“You’ll see. They’re getting together this weekend, which is perfect. I need to hook y’all up before you give in to that sorry ass nigga.” She rolled her eyes just as the technicians finished our nails.

“I’ll see about it, it depends on my work schedule.”

“Whatever, work my ass. It’s on a Saturday, and you don’t work on weekends. So what’s your excuse now, heffa?.” She shot, eyeing me coyly.

“Well, I guess I might show my face. Don’t be at home trying to play matchmaker because I will clown ol’ boy if he don’t come correct.”

Nyla began to smile. “Stop worrying. I got you. Just make sure that you show up.”


Nyla and I kicked it until ten o’clock that night. She wanted to hit Teresa’s on 6 mile for a drink, but I had to work in the morning; so I declined, making my way home.

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