Caught Up In His Love

By: Danielle Marcus

I stared at him, attempting to search his face for bullshit. I couldn’t find any.

“Hey Tish,” Brielle waved. “Yes, I was just dropping off an obituary. You don’t have to worry, I know where his heart is and there’s no way I can win against that. Los is a good man. Take care of him.” I could see the hurt in her eyes as I watched her leave. I almost felt bad for the girl.

Well, not really. Los gripped me in his arms and I couldn’t think about no one else. He nestled his face between the crook of my neck. “Damn I missed you girl!” he groaned, squeezing me tighter.

“I missed you too daddy!” I loved him so much that tears began to fall down my face. They were tears of joy. I thanked the Lord for sending him to me.

“Damn, what you crying for, cry baby?” Los teased, using the back of his hand to wipe the tears away.

“Because I love you so much and I just hope that you love me and our unborn as much as we love you,”

His brows creased, he didn’t speak, but he mouthed the word unborn, then a huge grin spread across his face. “Wait a minute, you about to have my shorty?”

I nodded with a smile, as tears continued to flow. “Damn! That’s what’s up!” He scooped me up and spun me around, then he looked into my eyes. “I told you the first time that I saw you that you was gone be mine. I wrote my name all up in that pussy. Fuck all this taking it slow shit. You mines, and I swear you got all of me. Let’s make this shit right.”

“Let’s do it.” I perked, wiping my eyes. I felt like Monica. I felt his love all over me, and Lord knows he touched every part of my body. I never wanted to get it off. I was completely caught up in his love.

The End

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