Caught Up In His Love

By: Danielle Marcus

She waved me off, “Lance please! I look cute, and I’m just going to Raina’s house for drinks and girl talk.” She grabbed her keys off the table. “Besides, nobody wants me but you.” She winked, heading out. I knew that was a lie. Niggas stayed trying to get at Tish, and if I ever found out that she was stepping out on me, there would be some real problems.

After Tish left, I got dressed and called up my homeboy Reece. We were about to head up to club Rain so that I could check Nyla’s dumb ass and snatch her up off that stage. If she was planning on keeping my baby, it was a wrap for the strip club. I didn’t understand why her lazy ass didn’t just get a regular gig anyways. She had two kids, soon to be three, and was still shaking her ass in front of these thirsty niggas.


It was just past nine and Rain was already packed. When I walked in, the first person that I saw was Nyla. She was all hugged up with some crunchy black muscle headed nigga. He looked like it was making his day to have his hands on her, as she gyrated her hips on his lap. After three years, I still couldn’t get used to seeing my girl all over the next nigga.

I walked over to the booth right across from Nyla and kept my eyes mugged on her. She seductively grinded her hips on the nigga while staring into my eyes. The longer our gazed lasted, the harder I wanted to choke her ass.

Reece began to crack up. “Why that girl like fucking with you, man. She gone be the death of you.” He tapped my shoulder, still laughing like shit was funny.

“Man, Nyla gone get her ass beat. I swear, it’s a wrap on this club shit.” I told him, signaling for the waitress to come over so that I could order a drink.

“Y’all funny man. You got the perfect wifey at home and you in here tripping off her rat ass. Tish is a solid chick, and Nyla a hoe that’s cool with sleeping with her best friend’s man. Her job is seducing ma’fuckas with her body. The bitch will have you staying into it with somebody.” He shook his head, letting out an exasperated breath of air.

Reece couldn’t stand Nyla, but she wasn’t for him to like. He was just mad because he tried to get at her back in the day and she dissed him. We met the girls on the same day. I stepped to Tish and he stepped to Nyla. I pulled Tish, but Nyla kicked some shit to him about having a man or whatever.

I think Reece just didn’t look like he had enough money for her. But in reality, he was paid. I was glad that they never messed around, though. That meant I didn’t have to worry about her smashing the homies.

The song ended and Nyla finally strutted over to me, wearing a neon green panty and bra set, with six inch stripper heels. My face was tight as fuck as she slid into my lap.

“Why you looking so evil, daddy?” She cooed, leaning back and kissing me on the cheek.

“You know what’s up. So that was the nigga you was talking about, hunh? Get the fuck off of me, Nyla.” I pushed at her, but purposely not pushing enough to make her move. I wanted everyone to know who she belonged to.

She chuckled. “Look at you. Why you mad though? You said you didn’t want another baby, so I’m just trying to find someone to help me take care of this third mouth that I’m going to have to feed.” She whined, starting to grind that fat ass on my lap.

“Stop fucking with me! I take care of LaNyla don’t I? If you happened to have this one, what makes you think I won’t take care of it?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know. With you about to get married, I’m not trying to place all of my eggs in one basket. You promised me that it would be just me and you, but you up and bought a ring for her. There’s no telling when you’re going to get tired of this and walk away.” She began to pout, leaning back on me and nibbling on my ear.

I let out a sigh. “Man, you worried about the wrong things. You got my daughter, don’t you? I can never just walk away. Stop fucking with me though, Nyla.” I had my hand caressing her thick thighs and my soldier felt like it was about to break. With Tish going over to Raina’s, I knew that she probably wouldn’t be home until two or three o’clock in the morning, so I decided that I would go get a hotel room and spend time with Nyla, punishing her pussy for the bullshit that she just tried to pull.

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