Chained to You Book 2

By: Alexia Praks

I hastily got out of bed, donned James’s pajama shirt I’d worn last evening before he lovingly peeled it off my body, and headed to the door.

In the living area, I found James and Matt near the window, talking in hushed tones. They looked dark and utterly dangerous.

I noted James was already dressed in his gorgeous three-piece suit. His hair was still a little wet, so I assumed he must have just showered. He looked disarmingly sleek and handsome, ready to take on the world. At the same time, however, I thought he looked ready to kill. Every line of his features told me he had switched from the hot, mysterious billionaire to the threatening predator searching for his prey, and when he found them, he would coldly annihilate them.

A shiver passed down my spine at the thought that this was the other side of James Maxwell. The darker side that would kill without mercy. I’d known that particular side of him existed when I first met him, since I’d first learned he was my brother’s debtor. Yet I still found myself beguilingly attracted to him, like a magnet, unable to draw back.

I could sense the same threatening, ruthless aura from Matt as the man looked taciturnly aggressive at the moment, ready to slaughter anyone who dared to lay a hand on Andy.

“James?” I called out, my voice weak, my body tense with worry.

James and Matt turned their attention to me. I could tell they weren’t pleased to see me, especially James, because he wore a dark scowl on his face that would scare the living daylights out of any innocent youth. It did me, too, but I was persistent. My brother’s life was on the line, for God’s sake.

I determinedly headed to them, my legs weak but steadfast. Once I was close to both men, I gazed up at James, a sort of begging look radiating from my eyes.

“James?” I started and then licked my lips. I swallowed before continuing. “My brother? I heard something about Andy.”

I noted in my peripheral vision that Matt was looking at James, waiting for the man to react to my query.

James, as always, was blunt and straight to the point. He didn’t care to soften the news for my sake. Honest to God, I was thankful for that. I wanted a direct answer. Not some fabricated story to comfort me, when in reality, my brother was in deep shit, when he very well could be hanging between life and death.

Why did I think my brother’s life was in jeopardy? Because I just knew so. My gut told me so. And I felt sick with worry, with the thought the balance leaned farther toward the death side.

James’s voice was calm when he said, “He’s missing.”

I swallowed at his answer. Yes, I had surmised he was missing. What I needed was more information.

“When? How? Where?” I couldn’t get the questions out fast enough. “Have you any idea where he could be?”

Chapter 2


James cupped my face with his large hand. I wasn’t sure whether it was to shut me up or comfort me. I preferred to think it was the latter. At least I hoped it was.

Warmth radiated from his body to mine, and I did indeed feel comforted, if only a little.

“We’re looking for him,” he said.

He pulled me into his arms, and I rested my face against his thick, muscular chest. I felt him burying his nose against my hair.

I took in a slow, deep breath, inhaling oxygen into my lungs to calm myself, to think logically. James’s warm, masculine scent tantalized my senses, which only made me want to bury myself deeper into him. He made me want to entomb myself within him and never let go.

“Go back to bed,” he instructed.

Go back to bed? Like I’d be able to relax knowing my brother was missing. God only knew what was happening to him now.

Suddenly, my mind flicked to the Mexican and the Albanian.

I pulled back from James’s arms in a rush and said, “The Mexican! The Albanian!”

James only stared down at me, his face a hard mask, his Prussian-blue eyes dark fires in the depth of the night.

I continued in a hurry, my words jumbled and fighting one another to get out before my brain could process them. “They must have got Andy. We have to find him, James. We have to get him back. We have to get my brother back. He must be still in Las Vegas. Please, James, we have to find him. It’s the Mexican. I swear it’s the Mexican!”

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