Chained to You Book 2

By: Alexia Praks

I sucked in my breath at his arrogant proclamation as a delicious shiver passed down my spine.

When he moved back a little and I saw his face, his features and eyes were dark. My tummy fluttered in exquisite delirium and my body ached even more for him.

He lightly brushed his thumb across my sensitive lips, marveling at my red flesh, thrilling every nerve of my being.

He smirked when he saw my wanton reaction to his promise. “I expect full submission from you, sweetheart,” he whispered. “It’s a wonderful turn-on when you cry while I fuck you.”

He was chuckling lowly as he moved back, leaving me breathless, dazed, enthralled, confused, and terrified.

I watched him walk out the bedroom door, his gait easy and graceful, like a lion ready for the kill. I was fascinated, mesmerized by his dark charm that bound me to him, entrapping me in his dominating embrace. I was captured, ensnared, and to be honest, I had no desired to escape. Not one bit. It suddenly struck me I wanted to be here with James Maxwell, in his world, being ruthlessly ravished by him.

Chapter 3


The Mexican mob was going to fucking pay for the stupid mistake they made by kidnapping Andy for a deal they demanded, which they weren’t going to get. James wasn’t a very nice man when it came to this sort of bullshit. Anyone who dare to even step foot into his territory, crossed the line, and hurt one of his boys, especially if that particular boy happens to be his good friend’s lover, more especially if that particular boy happens to be his lover’s brother, was something James could never forgive.

James was usually a very reasonable man, famed for his trustworthiness when dealing with any business. When they crossed the line, however, the ruthless predator came out and nothing was going to stop the catastrophe heading their way.

In the sleek black limo, sitting beside James in the backseat was Matt. The man looked as dark and dangerous as ever. He wore a scowl so fearsome that most of the men who were accompanying them for the operation were silently praying he wouldn’t mistake any of them as one of the Mexicans when they were going all out. Because really, Matt was a maniac when it came to this type of thing. His bullets were faster than the blink of an eye. Blood and guts were sure to burst everywhere, and bodies would be falling like flies.

The atmosphere was tense as the chauffeur silently drove the limo toward the west end of the city. The Mexican headquarters. Their hideout.

Breaking the silence, James said, “I told Tory. Unfortunately, Mark left already. Back to New York.”

Matt’s scowl became even darker. “Why the fuck did you tell him?” he asked coldly. “We don’t need him.”

Of course James knew he and Matt could easily take out the Mexican. But he had promised Tory he’d let the friend know if they’d be having some fun while he was around. And indeed, the man was still around and this was their type of fun.

“It’s too late to tell him not to turn up now,” James said lightly. “Besides, you two haven’t seen each other for ages.”

Matt growled lowly. “Like I’d ever want to see him again. That bastard better not get in my way.”

James kept silent at that comment, knowing it was best. Matt and Tory never really got along ever since Tory had beat Matt up back when they’d first met, for whatever reason James still didn’t know and wasn’t keen enough to find out. Oddly enough, though, the two always ended up working together, saving each other’s hinds in times of adversity.

As he stared at the passing bright lights of Las Vegas, James flicked his mind to Mia. Instantly, his eyes darkened. He remembered the brave face she’d put up when he’d told her that her brother was missing. He had avoided using the word kidnapped in consideration of her sensitive constitution. She was new to his dark and dangerous world, a domain most citizens avoided at all cost, deluding themselves into believing it didn’t exist. Fuck! It bloody hell existed. And he was one of the men who controlled it.

He knew Mia had done her best to stay calm, to do whatever she could in the situation to help find her brother.

That’s my brave girl, he thought, a smile forming on his lips. She understood the state of affairs, unlike his bitchy ex-wife Whitney. He could just imagine the woman would be hysterical if she were in this type of situation. Of course, she didn’t have a brother, or any siblings for that matter, since she was an only child, rich and spoiled to the core. Though, he couldn’t imagine she’d cared if any member of her family were to go missing. After all, she hadn’t given a fuck about her own daughter when she’d run off with her then lover. The sad thing was she still didn’t give a fuck about Aria. What was even sadder was the fact that, day by day, Aria’s memory of Whitney was slowly disappearing. One day, James was sure Aria wouldn’t even know who Whitney was.

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