Chained to You Book 2

By: Alexia Praks

Of course, Whitney would blame him, because she could. This was because of who and what he was, the sort of business he was involved in.

Fuck! He was a Maxwell. One of the few powerful families who controlled America behind the scenes, the billionaire elites most feared. Dealing with this type of business was in his blood. It thrilled him, and he loved it.

His mind suddenly turned to the fear mixed with worry he’d seen in Mia’s eyes. He had felt utterly protective of her then. He hated it when he’d seen her wearing that particular look a few days ago when he’d first made love to her. He knew now it was because of her Uncle Herbert who had been molesting her when she was young. What a fucking sick bastard.

Oh, he vowed to himself she’d never wear that look in front of him again. Ever! He’d make sure of that. He’d protect her and those she cared for. She was his, and it was his responsibility to take care of her.

Once again, he reminded himself he’d have to deal with Mia’s uncle and her job back in Mystic Spring as soon as possible. After all, she was his mistress now, and his mistress simply didn’t work. Least of all as a kitchen hand in a shitty restaurant, with a boss who didn’t respect her. Of course, her only job now was to please him, both in and out of bed.

It was some fifteen minutes later when they arrived. It was four in the morning, and the place was dimly visible, thanks to the lights along the streets.

James got out first and noted Tory was waiting patiently. He wasn’t so pleased, however, when he saw William as well, leaning against the car, his arms crossed over his chest, a dark smirk on his face.

Matt glared the moment he eyed Tory. He slammed the car door shut and proceeded to head over to Tory.

“Good morning, gentlemen,” Tory greeted as the men came his way.

“Tory,” James greeted in return.

Matt said, “You better not get in my way.”

Tory chuckled. “No problem.”

William cocked his head to one side when James said, “I didn’t know you’d be joining us.”

He shrugged his broad shoulders. “I figure it’d be fun.”

James knew William had a thing against the Mexican. It was some deal that had gone seriously wrong a few years back, and he’d never really forgiven them. In a way, they were the same, William and him. Forgiving people who had screwed them up in the past wasn’t in their nature.

It was then a dozen more men joined them, all wearing black suits and donning firearms. Their stances were tense as they waited for the instructions from James.

And indeed, James barked out orders, telling them to secure the perimeter and to shoot before questioning if it wasn’t one of their own.

The small troop of men in black suits quickly and expertly dispersed and went about doing their assigned job in securing the area.

“Shall we, gentlemen?” James said, leading the way toward the ominous building.

Walking beside him was Matt, his hands fisted tight. James understood Matt was both angry at the Mexican and worried about Andy’s welfare. He knew his friend blamed himself for what happened, for giving the Mexican an opportunity to abduct Andy, for letting his guard down. James, of course, would feel the same if anything were to happen to Mia.

Fuck! This type of shit had better not happen to Mia.

Behind James and Matt were Tory and William. The two handsome men looked utterly relaxed, though that was merely a farce. Deep inside, they were thrilled and deliriously excited, ready to fuck up the Mexicans and make them sorry for even daring to kidnap one of their friend’s boys.

Matt liked to use force and showed up with a grand entrance. He kicked the door down with a bang and roared out, “Carlos! You’re fucking screwed for taking Andy. You’re going to be so fucking sorry for this.”

Chapter 4


The men entered the dimly lit foyer. James had his hands in his pants pockets as he eyed the Mexican men surrounding them. Every one of them had firearms in their hands, pointing the dangerous weapons at them, ready for action.

The four billionaires didn’t bat an eyelid at the fact that they were severely outnumbered and the loaded guns were pointing at them, ready to shoot them dead within a blink of an eye.

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