Chained to You Book 2

By: Alexia Praks

Carlos entered the scene at that moment. Short, stocky, bald-headed, and with a thick, black moustache, he was oozing confidence over where this eerie nighttime conference was heading. He was fucking positive he was going to get his way—a piece of the real estate pie in Sin City where his cartel was so going to soar like a fucking eagle.

“Bienvenido! Bienvenido!” He chuckled, his arms spread out. “I can’t believe you actually came because of a boy.” He laughed out merrily. “And all four of you, too.”

Matt couldn’t stand the sarcastic greeting and growled out, “Where the fuck is Andy?”

Carlos shrugged. “We’re here to do a deal, are we not, Señor Caine?” He cocked his head to one side arrogantly. “No deal, no boy.”

Matt seethed with outrage. “Go fuck yourself, Carlos.”

James said coldly, “The snake behind the business, eh?”

“He definitely looks like a fucking snake, all right,” Tory said.

“A fat, ugly one,” William added. “Damn, James, are we going to have any fun at all? Or are you guys just going to be fucking talking all night?”

“Now we’re talking,” Tory said, his eyes bright with anticipation.

James understood William’s and Tory’s eagerness and Matt’s impatience. Andy’s life could be hanging on the line, and they had no time to waste on bullshit conversation.

“No deal, Carlos,” he said. “No fucking way. Like hell I’m going to let your gangs pollute my turf with your imported drugs.”

“You heard the man,” Matt said, swiftly pulling out a sleek gun from within his jacket. “Now be a good boy and go get Andy for me.”

Carlos was seething at the cold rejection. No one had ever rebuffed him before, especially when that deal could make the other party millions.

He yelled, “Like hell you’re going to get out of here alive. I’ll kill you all.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Carlos,” James said. “You’re the one who’s not going to get out of here alive.”

William cocked his head to one side and said, “You see, Carlos? Us? We’re well known. We have connections in high places. If anything happens to us, oh, you’ll have hell to pay. But you?”

“No one gives a shit,” Tory added.

“If you’re dead,” Matt said darkly as he unlocked the safety of his gun and moved the weapon toward the Mexican. “Now Andy, bring him here.”

Carlos wasn’t a very intelligent man. He acted on his fear and rage. Without thinking, he barked orders to his men. “Shoot them! Kill them all!”

Within a flick of an eye, Matt pulled the trigger and shot Carlos dead on the spot, the bullet hitting smack between the man’s eyes. A second later, he pulled another gun from within his jacket. With the two weapons in hand, he went all out and started shooting, bullets flying in every direction.

James pulled his own gun and started shooting, each shot hit smack in the head of his target. William dived low, rolled on the floor, and expertly sat up, hiding himself behind a wall as he withdrew his guns. As with his friends, he started shooting at the Mexicans, his eyes sharp and a sly smile playing across his lips. Fuck! He was enjoying himself tremendously.

The moment Carlos opened his mouth to order the kill, Tory pulled out his gun and expertly moved his body in a karate style, kicking, bashing, and shooting at the same time. Every move was smooth and effortless—graceful.

Within the dimness of the foyer, there was only the echoing of gunshots and the sparks of bullets flying. In quick succession, bodies followed by bodies fell to the floor. In a matter of minutes, every one of the Mexicans were dead, their bodies on the floor everywhere, blood soaking the concrete slab.

William sighed, unsatisfied. “Fuck! That was quick.”

“Damn! I was hoping it’d be more challenging,” Tory commented, placing his gun back into his jacket.

Matt wasn’t listening to the complaints of his friends. He headed to the door, and James followed. Tory and William glanced at each other, nodded, and followed the other two.

James and Matt came into a corridor, and the men started kicking down every door, hoping to find Andy.

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