Chained to You Book 2

By: Alexia Praks

William finally did, the last one in the building that led them to the basement. Matt rushed down, shouting Andy’s name. James wasn’t far behind when suddenly he heard, “Fuck!” Followed by: “Andy! Andy!”

James came into the basement to find Matt hugging Andy tightly. Andy looked like a gorgeous corpse, his body weak and lifeless. It looked like the boy couldn’t move an inch, and he was barely breathing. Fuck. He was severely injured, his clothes torn and his body wounded with countless signs of inhuman torture.

When the brutally beaten Andy finally managed to rise his face up a little to look around him, as if to see what was going on, James felt a lump form in his throat and a sickening feeling erupted within his being.

Sunken, lifeless brown eyes gaze at him without recognition. Dishevel, dirty black hair hung over that gorgeous face that was now ruined beyond imagination with cuts, bruises, swelling, and bleedings.

Fuck! In that moment, the picture of Andy in such a piteous, lifeless state snatched James’s breath away—in a fucking bad way. The boy looked so similar to his sister that he had thought Andy had been Mia, and he felt sick. So fucking sick inside. Once he had regained his sense, rage erupted within his beings and a surge of protectiveness for Mia and those she loved returned hot in his blood anew. Immediately, he wanted to return to the hotel to make sure Mia was okay.

Fuck! He wanted to see her face, to hug her tight against him, to feel her soft, warm body against him, and smell her frangipani scent that had so intrigued him since he had first met her. Fuck, but he wanted to kiss her. Not the passionate, wild kiss before he took her but that gentle, tender kiss that told him she was fine. That she hadn’t been taken hostage and ruthlessly beaten. That her life wasn’t on the line.

“We should get going,” he said urgently to Matt.

Matt, still hugging Andy tight in his arms, nodded. He said, his voice trembling and edgy, “Yeah.” He lift Andy up in his arms, and they headed back up.

Chapter 5


Despite the fact James had told me to return to sleep, I simply couldn’t. My eyes were wide open as I laid there, staring up at the ceiling, my mind on my brother.

Have they found Andy yet? I wondered contritely. Was Andy okay? Was he wounded?

Questions after questions kept echoing in my head, demanding for answers I couldn’t offer.

It was seven-thirty in the morning when I decided to get out of bed and do something about my hunger. I quickly ordered room service, and while I waited for my breakfast to turn up, I showered to clear my head. Once I was finished and dressed in a new dress James had bought for me from Fleur, I headed into the living area and waited some more. My mind was still on Andy, James, and Matt when the knock came at the door. I had entirely forgotten about breakfast.

I hastily went to open the door and found a maid there rolling in the trolley filled with delicious sustenance. She left again after asking me if I wanted anything else.

Alone, I sat and ate because it was something I could do to take my mind off my brother. I was pretty sure I’d go insane a few hours later when the door opened and James walked in.

My heart leaped with hope, and I immediately rushed over to him. My eyes were bright and large with expectation when I asked, “Andy?”

Even though he had been out during the majority of the night and had not slept for more than a few hours, he still looked damn handsome with his dark hair now just a little dishevel but still stylish like usual, his eyes dark with an intense fury that was hard not to notice, and his face a black mask. He looked like a man who had just returned from the kill, which if indeed he had found Andy, then he had been doing the killing.

James cupped my face as he stared hard at me, as though he was drinking in my features, marveling at them. He seemed lost for a moment as he gazed at me, which confused me.

I was eager and needed to know if he had found my brother, and so I broke the silence once again. “James? My brother?”

Slowly, a smile appeared across his lips. He leaned toward me and gave me a kiss. It was that light brush between our lips that was both warm and promising, making my heart glow with delight.

When he moved back, he took my hand. “He’s find.”

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