Chained to You Book 2

By: Alexia Praks

His words made my body sing with delight. “Really? You’ve found him?”

He nodded in response. So many emotions erupted within me then. One of those emotions was relief. It swept through me like the wave of a calm ocean. I was so happy I couldn’t help myself and rushed up. I wrapped my arms round him a tightly.

“Oh, James, thank you so much,” I said, tears in my eyes. “You don’t know how much this means to me.”

As I buried my face against his thick, muscular chest, sobbing and chuckling at the same time, I felt James patting my head, comforting me.

When I finally moved back, I wiped my tears with the back of my hand, knowing I must look horrible.

James shook his head. “Sometimes I truly forget how young you are,” he said softly, wiping tears off my cheek with his large thumb.

I bit my lip, wondering if he was disappointed in me for being so young and naive. For being so inexperience in his world. I would imagine the only type of woman suitable for him would be the sexy bombshell type who oozed confidence and money. The type of woman who clearly wasn’t me. I was only his mistress. The one he kept locked in his bedroom in secret. The one he would never be proud of and show off to his family and circle of friends.

The thought sadden me, but I didn’t have time to think about that now. My brother was more important than my sad circumstance.

I flicked my mind to Andy and raised my face to James.

“Andy? Where is he now?” I asked.

“At the hospital,” he said.

I paled immediately at his reply. If Andy was at the hospital, it could only mean one thing. He was hurt. Gravely.

My stomach knotted in dread. I raised my eyes to James, wanting to ask him so badly what my brother’s condition was.

“Is… is he okay?” I asked, my voice shaking. No, wait. James said Andy was okay, so it couldn’t be that bad. But I needed to make sure. “Is he hurt badly?”

James said, “He’s fine.”

It was then I knew James’s and my interpretation of ‘fine’ were different. My fine meant totally healthy, no cuts and no bruises. As in everyday fine. James’s fine probably meant a few bones broken, cuts, and bruises but will live.

“I want to go and see him now,” I said.

He nodded.

Without hesitation, I rushed into the bedroom, grabbed my bag and was back in a flash. “Let’s go.”

James chuckled at my eagerness. He obliged without protest despite the fact that he had just returned from saving my brother’s life—tired, worn-out, and probably hungry. He took me by the hand and led me out the door.

Some half an hour later, we were in a hospital. James took me to the eight floor where I assumed the intensive care unit was. He then led me into a private patient room, and the moment I saw Andy, I gasped. Oh Andy. His handsome face was all black and blue with bruises and cuts, and his torso and arms were all bandaged up.

A gasp escaped my lips as I stood there, staring at my brother in sick disbelief. Who? Who could have done this to my brother? How cruel!

To think that Andy was already this damaged when James and Matt found him within hours. Would he have even lived at all if they hadn’t found him in such short notice?

Suddenly, rage erupted within me. Oh, how I wanted to hurt the person who had hurt my brother. The emotion was so overwhelming I felt like choking.

I stood there rooted to the spot at the door as I watch Andy painfully opening his eyes, probably for the first time since he had been admitted in the hospital. My brother was gazing at me, at first without really seeing, as though he was in confusion. I couldn’t blame him. He was probably pumped with morphine and dazed and sore from the beating. Then when he recognized me, I saw the darkness within those beautiful brown eyes of his, and knew he didn’t want me to see him like this. He looked pained the moment he recognized me. His condition reminded us of the many times he had been beaten up by Uncle Herbert.

“Andy,” I said softly, my voice weak.

I felt James hands about my shoulders, as encouragement for me to move forward. Empowered, I did, my gait slow and weak.

Once near the side of the bed, I couldn’t help myself and collapsed on Andy, tears in my eyes. I hugged him tight in my arms as I buried my face against his bandages chest.

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