Chained to You Book 2

By: Alexia Praks

“Andy! You’re okay. You’re safe.” I sobbed. “Oh, I’m so happy you’re safe.”

With my face against his chest, I felt his body shook with emotion.

“Mia,” he whispered. “I’m sorry I worried you. I’m so sorry.”

I raised my head, tears in my eyes. “No. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault,” I said, shaking my head. “You know that. I’m just so glad to see you safe and sound.”

He rested his hand on my head as I continued to hug him, taking in the moment, feeling his warmth and his body against me, to confirm myself that he was indeed here with me—safe and sound.

When I finally lift my head again, it was to see Matt watching me across the bed. I gasped and straightened up as the man had a dark look in his eyes as though he was pissed with me or something.

“Matt,” I said.

The man looked tired and out of sort with dark circles under his eyes.

Andy reacted to my word as though it was the first time he had realized Matt was in the room. He turned to look at Matt for a brief second and then glanced away. I noted the pain and the embarrassment in his eyes, and wondered yet again the real relationship between the two.

“How are you feeling?” Matt asked.

Andy licked his dry lips. “In a shit load of pain,” he replied.

I reacted by turning to James. “Should we ask for some more painkiller for him? Should I ring for the nurse?”

Matt said, “They already gave him a lot of morphine.”

I nodded as Andy closed his eyes as if that would help ease the pain in his body.

“You have three ribs broken,” Matt said. “And a fuck load of bruises. Luckily, that’s about it. No internal damages.”

I sighed at the good news. The ribs would soon heal themselves. The bruises would soon disappear as well.

“I’m so glad,” I said. “I’m going to stay here and help nurse you, Andy.”

Andy was about to utter something when Matt said, “No need for that, Mia. I’m sure the nurse here are very capable.”

I frowned and protested. “But I’m his sister. I have to be here for him.” I turned to James for help. The man, too, didn’t look too pleased with my announcement. I licked my lips and said, “Just the first couple of days. I know Andy needs his rest, but I feel more comfortable if I’m with him during the day.”

“Mia,” Andy said. “I don’t want to inconvenient you.”

“Andy, you’re not inconveniencing me. We’re siblings. You were always there for me. We promised to be there for each other.”

Matt said, “He has me now. You don’t need to bother.”

Chapter 6


I was immediately outraged at his declaration. “Excuse me? But I’m still Andy’s sister. I’m staying here with Andy today and tomorrow and the next day until he’s better. Even if I have to extend my annual leave,” I said clearly with a no nonsense tone in my voice.

I knew I had said only for the first couple of days, but I needed to make myself clear. I needed the two men to understand I needed to be with my brother in time such as these.

James folded his arms across his chest. “It’s fine if you stay with Andy,” he said.

Matt instantly scowled at James. “What the fuck?”

“Come on, Matt,” James said. “You’re in no state right now to look after Andy.”

I understood what James meant. Matt needed a good, long shower to freshen himself up. Besides, he also needed food to nourish his body and then a good, long sleep. Suddenly, I wondered why the two men were so different after such a long and horrendous night working hard looking for my brother and then saving him. James still look disarmingly handsome in his suit while Matt looked exhausted and dishevel like he had been to hell and back.

“Besides,” James continued. “We’ve got a fuck load of shits we need to clean-up.”

I knew the clean-up must be something to do with the people who had taken Andy.

“You’re right,” Matt said, getting up from his seat. Standing there tall, he stared down at Andy. “I’ll be back this evening.”

Andy didn’t response, and Matt stalked out the door like he was really pissed.

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