Cherish & Blessed

By: Tere Michaels

“Ahhh,” Matt managed on an exhale, grazing his fingers against the skin of Evan’s neck.

Evan swallowed.

“Fuck,” he moaned.

Evan swallowed and sucked and moved root to tip and back again in such quick succession that Matt could do nothing but whimper and spill down his throat.

The aftermath left Matt with one hand on Evan’s shoulder and one on the footboard of the bed, clinging for dear life. The freight train of his orgasm sent little leftover flares down his legs as Evan pulled off with a wet, messy sound.

“Fuck,” Matt said, licking his lips as he looked down at Evan. Evan’s eyes were wide and needy, his mouth glistening with just enough shine to make Matt’s body burn.

“Get on the bed.”

Evan didn’t say anything, didn’t have to, but Matt appreciated the faint bite he sank into his right thigh before he stood up.

He wobbled, and Matt pressed his hand to the center of his chest.

Their gazes met and held.

The little smile on Evan’s perfect mouth was like porn as far as Matt’s libido was concerned. And maybe his dick wasn’t going to join in anytime soon, but that didn’t mean he was without a whole arsenal of tools.

He pushed Evan, getting just enough resistance to make it fun. “I said….”

Evan stepped back, beautiful but slightly punch-drunk. Matt dropped his gaze to Evan’s cock and licked his lips again.

“On your stomach.”

Evan’s entire body rippled with desire, and Matt’s dick actually struggled for a second, stirring for a comeback.

And God help him if Evan didn’t take the last few steps to the bed and then crawl—fucking crawl—onto the bed and lie down on his stomach.

“I’m going to the doctor first thing tomorrow and getting some Viagra,” Matt swore, walking closer to Evan, who was laid out like a gift.

Evan folded his arms, then looked back to catch Matt’s gaze. The smile he shared was 40 percent lust and 60 percent love. “You keep saying that,” he said, his voice soft, even as he started rubbing his hips against the bed.

This Evan—walls down, sexy as hell Evan—was one of Matt’s favorites. He savored his appearance by taking his time, starting at the back of one muscled calf and working his way up with biting kisses and wandering hands. When he pushed Evan up on his knees, the sound Evan made filled every corner of the room.

“Wish I could fuck you,” Matt whispered against the back of Evan’s thigh, moving to bite where the crease of his leg tempted.

Evan pushed back, and Matt pushed forward with his mouth.

It was how they worked.

Chapter 4

IT WAS almost one by the time Evan showered. Matt had been relentless, and Evan leaned against the tiles, water splashing over him as he tried to pull himself back together.

The sex still surprised him sometimes. The fierce way Matt held him down and the roughness of his touch even as his words were loving and gentle. When it was fast and breathless, Evan could feel his tightly maintained control slipping away, replaced by a white-hot lust that still brought a flush to his skin.

Embarrassment. Shock. They were faint and distant but there, the idea that after so many years happily married to Sherri and never regretting a second of their lives in or out of bed, he could be reduced to a begging mess under his boyfriend’s mouth.

Also without regrets.

He shut off the water, wincing a little as he bent over. There was a bite mark throbbing on his left buttcheek, and his dick hurt from where it had rubbed against the bedspread, because Matt was busy with his ass and didn’t bother with a reach-around and….

Evan blushed as he stepped out of the tub. He reached for the towel hanging on the hook, biting his lip. There was still a faint hum of want under his skin, and he tried to imagine a time this weekend when they could lock the door and have an extended amount of privacy.

A knock on the door, and before he could answer, Matt opened it, popping his head in a second later. “Just making sure you didn’t drown,” he said, pushing the door open all the way.

“Sorry. Long day, and my boyfriend is apparently a vampire.”

Matt looked only a tiny bit ashamed. “Sorry. I blame all the running you’ve been doing lately. Your glutes are amazing.”

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