Dangerous Temptations

By: Brooke Cumberland

His lips curved up into a devilish smirk. “You’re a horrible liar, Mac.” He pulled me in closer, our chests colliding. The top of my head reached just under his chin, making our eyes disconnect.

“How do you know?” I asked. I was only vaguely aware that we were in fact not alone. The music and dancing bodies surrounded us, but it didn’t feel that way. I was on high alert for every word he said and every movement his body made.

He grabbed my chin and tilted it so we were eye-level again. He brushed the pad of his thumb over my jaw as he said, “Because I’m good at reading body language. Your body’s hot. You haven’t stopped blushing since you’ve met me, and I can smell your arousal from way up here. Your nipples are hard and pressing through this thin material you call a dress. Your eyes are tense, as is your mouth. Your body can’t stop trembling, and every time you speak, small moans escape your throat. Your body is fucking begging for it, Mac.”

I swallowed again, shocked and embarrassed. He read me like a damn book, feeling everything I was trying to hide.

I needed to find out for myself.

“Kiss me,” I said. “Kiss me right now.”

Both of his hands cupped my face, nearly covering it completely with the size of them. My breath hitched as he covered my mouth with his, pressing his lips to mine. They were soft, warm like honey. I grabbed a hold of his wrists, clenching to him as his kiss sparked my entire body. I felt high as if this feeling wasn’t natural, yet it was overtaking my entire body.

His tongue met mine, dancing in rhythm as we stood in the middle of the dance floor. His kiss consumed me, his mouth taking charge of me. He increased his pace, deepening his desire as I held on for everything he was giving me.

I felt a jolt of energy strike through me as our mouths collided, both panting with heavy breaths and heated air.

He tasted like bourbon, oaky and sweet. His cologne wasn’t overbearing, but being this close, I could smell the musky scent mixed with the alcohol and the clean smell of his soap. Our bodies were meshed into one big body of hands and mouths.

And now I couldn’t stop. One taste and I wanted it. Wanted him.

I felt humiliated and a little hot at the memory. I hadn’t pushed him away, in fact, I insisted.

It didn’t matter though. It could never turn into anything and now I just needed to get this over with.

I finally dialed his number and tried to stay calm as I heard it ring.

“Hello?” His voice was deep, causing a slight thrill to run down my body.

I froze. I couldn’t make the words come out, and my throat was suddenly dry and incapable of forming words.

“Hellooooo?” he asked again, a slight annoyance in his tone.

“H-hi…” I squeaked, tightly closing my eyes as a rush of embarrassment shot through me. “Hi,” I said again, more clearly and stable. “It’s Mac.”

“Mac?” he asked surprised, his voice laced with happy amusement. “What a surprise.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry to bother you, I—”

“Oh, sweetheart, you’d never bother me.” I could hear the smirk in his tone. “What can I do for you?”

“I, um…is there any chance I left anything in your suite? I’m missing something and it’s the only place I can think of I would’ve have lost it.” I bit my lip, nervously, hoping he’d already found it, and I wouldn’t have to be specific.

“What exactly did you lose, babe? Panties? Bra? I was hoping that was a parting gift.”

“Oh my god…” I blushed although he couldn’t see me. “No, it was a ring actually.”

“A ring? Could you…describe this ring?” His voice was thick with amusement. He was torturing me and he knew it.

“It was a white gold band. Diamond. A rather…large diamond,” I said, cringing as he probably knew exactly what type of ring it was.

“An engagement ring?”

I exhaled, hating that I had to even have this conversation. “Yes.”

He responded quickly with no emotion in his voice. “Sorry, babe. I’ve not seen your engagement ring. However, I’ll look around and call you if I find it.”

“Great, thank you,” I replied, feeling self-conscious. I felt the need to explain, but what do you say to your one-night stand that never should’ve happened in the first place. “Alex…I’m sorry,” was the only thing I could think of.

“Mac, you have nothing to be sorry for.” He sounded genuine, but I still felt bad.

“I do. I shouldn’t have drunk that much and lead you to believe…”

“Mac…stop. You don’t have to apologize. Trust me. Last night…” He paused. I could hear his heavy breaths as if it pained him to hear the words. “I don’t want you to apologize.”

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