Dangerous Temptations

By: Brooke Cumberland

“I’d love to.” He took down my address and said he’d pick me up at eight o’ clock. My body trembled as I watched him walk away. Did that just really happen? I was mentally freaking out, but I reminded myself I needed to stay calm. I still had five hours left of work to get through.

That night, we met for dinner and he focused all of his attention on me. It was so special, more than I had even expected. Being around him filled my body with a comforting warmth. He was easy-going for holding so much power.

After our dinner, I ended up Googling him and finding out exactly who he was. I was speechless. Shocked. Surely, he was just using me for some kind of publicity stunt. He was broadcasted all over page six in the New York Post at least twice a month. But he continued to ask me out, and I continued to say yes.

Despite our age difference, it didn’t really seem to matter. We carried easy conversation. He cringed at my work horror stories, and I laughed at his jokes. We were two people who would’ve never been destined to meet had I not moved to the city a year ago. But something stronger pulled us together, and a year later, he proposed.

I moved into his six-thousand square foot penthouse apartment shortly after. It was easier, made it so we could see each other more often since he worked ten to twelve hour days and then usually had business trips twice a month. His attention was limited when it came to juggling so many things at once. But we were making it work and I had never been happier.

But then one wrong decision changed the course of my life, and I hadn’t seen it coming. I didn’t know I would continue to be haunted by the reality of one unfaithful night. But soon, I found out lines would be crossed, boundaries would be broken, and things were never as they seemed in the first place.

Chapter One

Six Months Later…

Oh, god.

My head was pounding. Or wait. Was someone at the door?

There’s no way I was this hung over. Or was I? Shit, I didn’t know. It was pitch black, but then I realized I hadn’t opened my eyes yet, but the pounding was definitely apparent.

I rolled over, feeling the weight shift around on the mattress. The light, fluffy comforter felt great on my hot skin. The rest of me felt like I’d been hit by a truck.

My body jerked. Something was wrong.

I didn’t have a light, fluffy comforter.

I opened my eyes, blinking several times to get used to the bright light. The sun was shining in, and I silently cursed the damn window for not shielding the sunlight out.

I sucked in a breath as I tried to remember the events of last night.

I couldn’t. Not much after dinner anyway. I knew I went out for Brittainy’s bachelorette party. The girls and I took a limo all over the city, taking us to dinner at Eleven Madison Park, and then we ended up at Club Le Bain for dancing and drinks.

The rest was kind of fuzzy.

I squinted, arching my back to stretch out the kinks. Christ, it felt like my body had been folded in half and beaten all night long.

I roamed my hands down my body, feeling for any kind of evidence. I was naked, completely naked, and I never slept naked unless…

I brought my fingers down in between my legs. It ached, terribly. I could tell I had a full body work out last night.

I felt sick like I was going to throw up, but I continued to lie straight, hoping it’d pass.

I breathed in and out, slowly. Once my stomach calmed down, I attempted to move. A firm hand grabbed around my waist, pulling me back before I had the chance to get up.

“Don’t move,” a low, deep, gravelly voice growled in my ear. It was a voice of a man who’d just woken up. Next to me.

Once I let it sink it, it rang a bell, but I couldn’t quite place it. He pulled my body closer to his, my back to his chest, as he grasped my hip with one of his hands. He dipped his chin onto my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “I still have the taste of you on my lips.” My eyes widened in shock. I felt his hot breath on me, the scent of alcohol evident as I inhaled against him.

Holy shit.

I tried to rack my brain for any memory of last night. Who the hell was this guy? What was his name? Crap, I didn’t even know his name!

He squeezed my hip before trailing his fingers down my stomach, slowly heading down in between my thighs. My body tingled in response, my eyes fluttered shut from the touch of his hands on me.

I quickly opened my eyes and covered his hand with mine. “Stop,” I blurted out in a panic, sucking in another breath. His hand halted, his body stilling next to me.

“Hung over?” he questioned, amusement laced in his tone. His breath tickled my ear again, sending unwanted shivers down my spine.

I cursed my traitorous body. It apparently remembered last night, yet nothing was coming to me.

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