Dangerous Temptations

By: Brooke Cumberland

“Yeah, I seem to have a case of the ‘I don’t remember what the hell happened last night’,” I said honestly. He removed his hand. I felt his body shift slightly as he put space in between us.

“Turn around,” he ordered. “Maybe you’ll remember my face.” I could hear the hopefulness in his tone, but I knew a visual wasn’t going to help. I blacked out and nothing from last night was coming to me.

I didn’t hesitate though. I grabbed the sheet to conceal myself as I turned around to face him.

Well, then at least I understood my body’s reaction. He was all messy hair with light stubble on his face. His eyes were a dark, chocolate brown. He was looking at me intently, waiting for me to say I remembered him. But I didn’t.

I swallowed as I looked down the length of his body to see he was completely naked. Only a small part of the sheet covered up his cock, but everything else was exposed. I sucked in a sharp breath as I forced my eyes back up.

“Sorry,” I choked out. “I have no memory of you.” I blushed, severely embarrassed. He looked good enough to eat and here I didn’t remember any of it.

“That’s okay,” he finally said, his lips curving up slightly. “I’d be glad to help you remember…perhaps a fourth time would jolt your memory.”

My eyes widened in shocked. “A…fourth time?” I clenched the sheet tighter to my chest. No wonder my body felt bruised and broken.

“Wow…” He grinned playfully. “No memory even after three times is kind of an ego killer.” He brushed a hand through his messy locks, taking my attention away from his eyes. I imagined I was to blame for his hair looking like that—as if I had raked my hands through it over and over—squeezing, pulling.

Stay focused, Mac.

I blinked, seriously frustrated I couldn’t remember anything.

“I’m s-so sorry,” I rambled. “I can usually hold my liquor, but last night was a girl’s night…”

“I know,” he cut me off. “Bachelorette party if memory serves me correct. You were out with some girlfriends.”

“Right…oh, god, did they see me leave with you? I need to get dressed. I should leave. Where are my clothes?” I started to sit up, feeling too lightheaded to stand up. “Shit.”

“Sit back, Mac.” It wasn’t a suggestion. He pulled me back gently until my head hit the pillow. “I’ll grab you some juice and pills.”

“Okay. Thank you…” I lingered, still not knowing his name.

He sat up, searching the floor for his shorts. He pulled them on and spun around with an enormous grin on his face. “Alex.”

Holy panty dropper.

Which explains why I’m not wearing any.

I swallowed, taking all of him in again. He definitely had something worth staring at; not overly buff, but he had chiseled muscles in all the right places. His arms looked tone and strong, as did his torso. I blinked up at him and nodded. “Thank you, Alex.”

“You’re welcome, Mac.” He started to walk away before he froze and quickly spun around. “That’s your name, right?” One side of his lips curved up.

I tried not to laugh because it hurt my head, but I couldn’t help the small chuckle as it escaped my throat. “Yes, well, it’s Mackenzie. But my friends call me Mac.”

“Hmm…” he pondered. “I like it. Mac suits you.” He grinned once again before spinning back around. He bent down quickly, giving me a full view of his perfectly-shaped ass and turned to place my dress on the bed. I narrowed my eyes. Were those scratches on his ass?

“I have shorts and a t-shirt in the dresser if you prefer to wear something else since that can’t actually be considered a dress anyway.” He winked and then took off out of the room.

I decided I’d rather wear the shorts and t-shirt. I would already be doing the walk of shame, but at least my ass would be covered up.

Everything remained fuzzy, but I was trying really hard to remember something, anything. I’d been planning Brittainy’s bachelorette party for months, so I knew I had to be out with her and a few of our other friends—Katie, Ella, and Staci. I just don’t remember the actual events that took place after getting ready.

“Here…” Alex said as he walked back in. I couldn’t help my eyes wandering back down to where his shorts were. They lay loosely on his hips, not really concealing much at all. He handed me two white pills and a small glass of orange juice. “You should eat.”

I swallowed the pills down and shook my head no. “Not sure I could keep food down right now.”

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