Dangerous Temptations

By: Brooke Cumberland

“You should try…absorb the alcohol at least. It might make you feel better,” he insisted. It was then I realized we were in a hotel—a suite. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice it earlier, but now I could definitely tell.

“Okay, I’ll try,” I agreed. “Where are we?”

“The Standard,” he responded. Things were slowly making sense. Le Bain was a club inside The Standard, which meant we didn’t have to go far once we left. “I’m staying here while my things get shipped back over.”

“Shipped from where?”

“I spent the last few years studying abroad for graduate school. I just flew back and haven’t moved back home yet.”

“Oh, interesting. Guess this was one way to celebrate coming home…waking up to a girl who remembers nothing.” I laughed, mostly to myself and of the irony. I was so going to hell.

“You’ve definitely made it interesting,” he agreed. “Memorable, as well.”

He grabbed the room service menu and started looking it over. “Would you like me to order something for you? Do you have any specific requests or anything?”

I’ve been on a diet for over a year, making sure my body was always in perfect shape. The damn paparazzi loved taking my picture any chance they could get, making sure to point out every single flaw they could find. They were relentless.

But today…hell, I’d already had a plateful of sins adding up, so I was going to continue to indulge.

“I want…everything.” I breathed out a sigh. “Pancakes, eggs, bacon…oh, god, bacon. I haven’t had that in over a year. Maybe longer. Toast with jelly, waffles, anything with blueberries…”

“Basically, the whole menu?” He grinned. His eyes glazed over as he continued staring at me as if he were impressed.

“Basically.” I laughed again, realizing how comfortable I felt around him.

After ordering, he sat down on the bed next to me and leaned up against the bed frame. “It’s okay to sit by me, you know. I won’t bite. I mean…unless you ask me to, of course.” Was he flirting with me? Considering everything we apparently did last night, you’d think our one-night stand would be as awkward as I felt. He sucked in his lower lip and winked at me.

He was definitely flirting with me.

“I feel a little awkward not remembering you and you remembering…everything. Usually one-night stands just do the quick dress-and-bail, right? Well, you’re acting kind of…normal.”

He laughed lightly with amusement in his eyes as he continued looking at me. “I haven’t ever had a one-night stand before, but I’d guess you’re probably right.”

I leaned back against the bed frame next to him, my body relaxing more. “Seriously?” I frowned. “Are you just messing with me? You’ve never had a one-night stand before?”

His eyes shifted as his lips pursed together, thinking before he responded. “Nope. Well, they might’ve started like that, but they always ended up as more.”

I chewed my lip, thinking how this was not…could not…turn into more.

“Well, consider your cherry popped for one-night stands,” I said lightly, hoping he’d understand what I was trying to say.

He shifted, bringing his body closer to mine. I swallowed nervously as his hand moved to my face, cupping my jaw. “Would you be upset if I kissed you?” His question felt so misplaced, but I didn’t mind. I should’ve minded a lot, but I couldn’t find it in me to deny him. “Just once so you can say you actually remember something about me?” His voice was low, sultry. If I had any panties on, they’d be melting right off my skin with his voice.

I stared into his intense, brown eyes and nodded. I didn’t have the nerve to respond. I didn’t trust what would come out of my mouth if I did.

He pulled my face closer to his, our mouths each meeting half way. His lips covered mine, soft and warm, as he gently pushed his tongue inside. It started slow and easy, our tongues slowly finding a rhythm. His hand shifted and wrapped into my hair, pulling me even closer. My body felt like it was on fire, heat and arousal building up inside me. The sensation alone clouded my head and any logic my mind was trying to make. My body was driving, not stopping to hear any rational reasons as to why I should’ve stopped the kiss.

Before I had the chance to second-guess my decision, he pulled back lightly, nipping at my lower lip before pressing one last light kiss on my mouth.

“Any chance that sparked your memory?” he whispered hopefully, his hand still tangled in my hair. I wanted so badly to tell him I remembered everything, but still, nothing. I shook my head, keeping my eyes closed as I tried to force any memories in. Anything that could bring to light what had happened.

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