Dangerous Temptations

By: Brooke Cumberland

This was wrong. That much I knew. But my body disagreed—stomach flutters, heart thumping, arousal building inside—it was nothing like I’ve ever felt before.

“Can you tell me how we met? About what happened last night?” I asked, opening my eyes to see his locked on mine.

He lowered his hand but continued pressing up close to me. “You mean you want me to tell you how you were all over me?”

I laughed, appreciating the way he was trying to lighten the mood. I shoved my elbow into his side and said, “No. If I wanted the made-up version, I’d just tell myself a story.”

“Are you saying it was the other way around?” he asked, pretending to sound offended.

“I’m saying that’s the only option if this is how we ended up.”

“So sure of herself—a quality I don’t mind. Confidence is a good trait.”

I frowned. “No, I just know what kind of person I am. I wouldn’t risk disapproving behavior knowing I could easily be seen.”

“Seen?” he inquired. “Are you someone I should know?”

I laughed nervously. “No, not really. I rather enjoy just being Mac.” I was not going to tell him who I actually was. Hell no. There were plenty of elite celebs living in Manhattan—most of which the paparazzi just wanted to make a buck from. It didn’t always mean anything, but when you were expected to be perfect in every way, you were criticized and analyzed even more often.

A knock on the door interrupted us. He grabbed a shirt from the dresser and pulled it on as he walked out to answer it.

A nicely dressed waiter pushed two carts in filled with trays of food. He really had ordered everything on the menu.

I watched as he thanked and tipped the guy. He was generous, that much I could see. The waiter thanked him over and over before Alex finally escorted him out of the room.

He lifted the tops off; the scent of fresh fruit and maple syrup hit my nose and suddenly, my stomach began to growl, loudly.

“I guess your appetite has suddenly changed.”

“Yeah, I think my stomach finally realizes I am.” I smiled, appreciating how comfortable he was making me. I should’ve done the dress-and-bail, but I couldn’t, knowing what I had done. I needed answers, but part of me was starting to wonder if I was better off without them.

He served me a plate filled with scrambled eggs, toast and jelly, pancakes, and bacon. He piled butter, syrup, and fresh blueberries on the pancakes—just how I liked them.

“Most people I eat with would scowl at this amount of food,” I admitted, taking the plate from him.

“Most people are morons.” His head was down as he piled food on his plate, but I saw the corner of his lips curl up in a grin.

I chuckled. “That’s true,” I said matter-of-factly. “In fact, they’d never eat anything like this at all.” I learned at a very young age food was never a guarantee and never to be taken for granted.

He grabbed his overly full plate and sat back down next to me, smiling from ear to ear. “Well, then I guess this can be our little secret.”

I knew he was referring to much more than our little eating binge…

He flicked the TV on while we ate. I couldn’t help the moans escaping my throat, as I tasted food I hadn’t eaten in years.

“God, this is amazing,” I groaned, pushing another forkful into my mouth. “Feels like a sin, it’s so good.”

I caught myself, but it was too late. I hadn’t meant to say it aloud, but I knew he heard me when he nearly choked on the orange juice he was sucking down.

I playfully patted him on the back. “Are you going to make it?” I tried not to laugh—the mere mention of sinning had this guy almost choking to death.

“Um…yes. I think so. However, I’m pretty sure you’re trying to kill me.” His voice was smooth now, playful. The morning after a one-night stand should be awkward, nerve-wracking even, but he made me feel at ease by his laid back nature.

I finished my entire plate. My stomach full and satisfied, but my mind spun out of control. Who was this guy? Why did my body react to him in a way it never had before?

I should’ve felt fear, nervous even, to be lying side by side in a bed with a man I couldn’t remember meeting, but I didn’t. It was as if my body remembered everything, and my mind just hadn’t caught up yet.

Chapter Two

“I’m going to take a quick shower,” he said stacking the empty plates of food back on the tray. My headache was clearing, but my mind was still racing. This guy was the complete package—laid back, genuine, and sexy as hell. “Feel free to join me…if you’re feeling dirty and want to wash all your sins away.” He turned and winked at me, making it almost impossible to turn him down.

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