Dangerous Temptations

By: Brooke Cumberland

“Mac, you aren’t a child. You’re fully capable of making your own decisions and mistakes. Why would I yell at you?” she asked sincerely. I was falling apart. Tears surfaced and fell down my cheeks like a sudden rainstorm.

“Because I’m a bad person, Staci! I had a one-night stand! And I feel guilty as hell…for more than one reason.” My voice trembled, my body shaking as I fully allowed myself to come to terms with what I had done. “I can’t believe I did that…” My voice went flat.

“You aren’t a bad person. You made a drunken mistake. Trust me…you aren’t the first to do so. We all do shit we regret.”

“Yes…I know that, Stace,” I retorted sharply. “But my mistake could really hurt people. If the press finds out…”

“They won’t…he doesn’t know who you are, right?”

“No, I don’t think so. He didn’t seem to.”

“Well, there ya go. No one is going to find out,” she reassured me.

I inhaled and exhaled deeply, needing to calm my nerves. “All right…” I nodded, motioning for her to release the emergency button as I put the hat on. “I’m ready.”

We exited the elevator without a second glance. I bowed my head down, concealing my face as much as I could and grabbed her hand as she led me out into the back of her car. Once we took off, I took the sunglasses and hat off, relieved I was finally out of there.

“You’re going to be okay.” She flashed a comforting smile at me. “Do you want me to go inside with you?”

“No, I’ll be fine. I’m just going to take a shower and pretend this whole weekend never happened.”

She nodded.

I looked down at my hands as they nervously fidgeted in my lap. Almost home. Once inside, I knew I’d be safe.

I had shoved Alex’s note in my back pocket, but I didn’t even realize it until just now. “Oh my god!” I squealed at Staci. My eyes narrowed in on my left hand…my thumb rubbing over the empty ring finger indentation.

“What is it?”

“My ring! It’s gone!” I shrieked. I became frantic as I realized my engagement ring was missing. It could only be in one place…

Chapter Three

Shit, shit, shit.

William was going to be home in a couple of days, and I couldn’t risk him seeing me without it. He’d ask me about it, and I’d have to make up some stupid lie, which would just add to the stack of lies I would already be carrying around.

I swallowed. I was going to have to call Alex.

After taking a shower and scrubbing my entire sinful body off, I dressed and grabbed the slip of paper with Alex’s number on it.

I tapped my foot anxiously as I sat on the edge of my bed, taking deep, shallow breaths. I just needed to do it. Get it over with. Call him.

My fingers nervously hovered over the digits of my phone. I felt oddly eager to hear his voice again, but also scared as hell. His voice did things to my body my mind couldn’t control.

Before I dialed his number, a glimpse of our night together surfaced…

“What is it you want from me?” I asked bluntly. I needed to know because I was not about to lead this guy on. He seemed almost too good to be true, and the last thing I wanted to do was send out the wrong message.

“Well, if I were honest, which I almost always am…I want you. I want your sweaty body underneath me, against me. I want your eyes to look up into mine as I lay above you, fucking you hard and fast.” My body quivered, jerking at his blunt response. “I want to feel how tight your pussy is, how wet you are for me. I want to suck on your tits as I hear you scream my name because, holy hell, it’s so damn sexy.” I swallowed hard as I wrapped my brain around his words—words I hadn’t heard in so long. “I told you I was honest,” he whispered into my ear again.

I wasn’t sure how to respond, but as soon as I cleared my mind, the alcohol took over for me.

I spun around and locked my arms around his neck. He looked at me, took me in. His mouth was firm, tense. I analyzed his facial features and how delicious he looked. My body felt on fire, burning and aching between my legs as I repeated his words in my mind.

Why did his words have an effect on me? I wasn’t supposed to let someone else say those things to me, touch me, and beg me. I craved it—his words, the look he was giving me—my body was craving it all, and it didn’t make any sense to me.

“Stop,” he said firmly, gaining my attention back. “Stop overthinking, Mac. What’s your body telling you?”

I sucked in a breath, too embarrassed to tell him. “I don’t know.”

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