Dating The Millionaire Doctor

By: Marion Lennox

‘I’m real sorry,’ the man called out. ‘It’s just…having New Doc’s Place so close now… It’d save us trailering her down to the city, and it’d be simple, I think. If it’s okay. And the wife’s sent a sponge cake.’

And to Jake’s astonishment-or maybe not, because he should be used to it by now-Tori was smiling. Smiling and smiling.

‘It’s fine,’ she said, and before Jake knew what she intended, Charlotte was in his arms. ‘My husband can take care of our baby,’ she told the farmer. ‘I’ll just get my bag.’

So Jake was left, holding his baby-who was starting to feel wet-and a plate of chocolate sponge cake. He stood on the verandah of their new home, while Tori did her vet thing, while the community went on around them, while his dogs slept at his feet.

And he smiled, too.

Home is where the heart is.

Home is here.

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