By: Tamara Black

BWWM Pregnancy Romance

(Cleveland Interracial Baby Romance Series Book 1)



July 25th, 2016 - Monday

I drove down the road while on a delivery with my copy of Gray’s Anatomy resting against the steering wheel.

“Tibia,” I said then looked down to find I was wrong.

Fuck. I got to get this down.

A car behind me honked twice.

“Alright, already,” I said, looking up to see the light had changed to green.

I switched my foot from the brakes to the gas and headed down Lorain Avenue. Being a second year med-student was difficult enough without having to work five nights a week driving pizzas to pay for my living expenses, but I had to do what I had to do.

“Lateral Condyle of the tibia and Medial condyle of the tibia,” I said.

I glanced down at the textbook. Wrong again.

When I lifted my eyes to the road, I saw myself heading toward a parked truck. I slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. I ran into the back of a parked pickup truck. A car behind me honked then sped around. I flipped the bird at the guy driving as he passed then put the car into park.

No one came running to claim ownership of the truck. With a double mushroom and extra sauce pizza sitting in a warming bag on the passenger seat of my Jeep, I thought about just leaving a note on the truck to take care of it later. Before I could decide, one of Cleveland’s finest rolled up with his red and blues flashing.

I don’t have time for this today, I thought as I adjusted my Pizza Shack hat. Most of the time, police were lenient with delivery drivers because the shops sent free pizzas to the station, but Robin, the manager of the one I worked for refused to give them free food.

An officer walked up. I rolled down my window after tossing my textbook to the floor on the passenger side.

“You in a hurry?” he asked.

“I’m on a delivery,” I said. “I can’t lose this job. Could I leave a note on the truck for the owner?”

“That’s my truck, son,” he said, frowning at me.

What are the fucking odds? I wondered.

“License and registration, please,” he said.

After handing him the paperwork, I sat back in my seat and waited as he returned to his patrol car. While I wanted to study more, I didn’t want him realizing I’d been trying to study and drive at the same time. I already had four points on my driver’s license, and I couldn’t afford to get any more.

I took a deep breath, trying to relax. As a med-student, I needed to know how to control my emotions at all times. I’d done okay during my first two semesters, but with all the competition, I had to step up my game. I’ll get through this, deliver the pizza, and study later tonight. Sleep was a luxury I couldn’t afford.

When the officer returned, he handed me my driver’s license and registration paper. I kept both in my hand and looked up at him, my eyes begging for mercy instead of giving him a verbal excuse. He walked over to the front of my Jeep and examined where I hit his truck. Please don’t let there be a lot of damage.

He came back to the driver’s side of the car.

“There’s no damage from what I can tell. You need to slow down and pay attention.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, giving him my best smile.

“Get out of here.”

I waved then put the Jeep in gear and backed up. He walked back to his patrol car as I drove away.

This pizza is going to be so fucking cold, I thought. Hopefully they’re not too upset.

Two blocks later, I parked in front of a green, one-story house. After grabbing the pizza warming bag, I got out of the Jeep and dashed across the lawn to the front door. Before I knocked, it opened. I saw a beautiful mocha-colored woman with a very full belly. She did not look happy.

“About time you got here,” she said, rubbing her belly.

“I’m sorry. I was in an accident on the way here.”

She looked past me.

“Your Jeep looks fine. You don’t have to lie.”

What’s this woman’s problem?

“It wasn’t too bad of an accident,” I said, laughing.

When I made customers smile, they tipped better.

“How much is it?” she asked.

Before I looked down at the box to check, she screamed. I watched as a dark spot spread over her maternity pants. She reached out and grabbed the wall for balance, almost fainting.

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