Dirty Scoundrel

By: Jessica Clare

He shrugs, a smile on his lips. “Missed you and my baby.”

And that does it. This man is going to get laid. Right here, right now. I carefully set my mug of tea down on the table next to the couch, and then fling myself into Clay’s embrace.

His eyes widen when my arms go around his neck. “Babe?”

“I’m feeling a little . . .” I trail a finger down the front of his shirt. “Amorous.”

His eyes go smoky at the thought. “And your stomach?”

“Don’t care about my stomach,” I tell him in my best, most sultry voice. “At least, not right now. Other parts of me are aching.”

“Allow me to help, then, Mrs. Price.” He pulls me into his lap, dragging my skirt up.

I run my fingers through his gorgeous, full beard and shift my hips, rubbing against his cock. I love days like today. Actually, I love every day now that I’m with Clay. Everything seems bright and full of promise now that we’re together. And as he grabs the crotch of my panties and pulls them aside in a move that makes me breathless, it makes me think there’s no way I could be happier. Clay’s my life, and I was just going through the motions without him. I lean in and brush my mouth against his, lost in his touch.

There’ll be plenty of time later to tell him about his brother and Lexi. For now, I’ve got other thoughts on my mind.

Things like . . . seducing my husband.

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