Dirty Sexy Saint (Dirty Sexy #1)

By: Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde

“I want to get your opinion on something I bought today,” she said huskily.

He never cared about what she purchased for herself, but then again, she rarely spent frivolously or excessively, even when he encouraged her to spoil herself. They were well-off now, his company worth millions, but when they’d first married right out of high school with a baby on the way, saving and budgeting had become a habit for her—one she was just learning to break every once in a while. After today, she hoped to have a reason to continue to splurge.

“I went to Sugar and Spice today to visit Raina, and I found something I thought you might like, but I wanted to be absolutely sure.” One of her good friends, Raina Beck, owned Sugar and Spice, an adult boutique that carried gorgeous lingerie, high end sex toys, and other erotic novelty items.

Dean was well aware of that, too.

THE AWAKENING (The Marriage Diaries, Volume 1)

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