Down to Ride Til the Very End

By: Mercedes G & Nikki Simms


“RICO, NOOOOO!” The sound of my mother’s screams after, what sounded like, a gunshot startled me out of my sleep. Frantically, I sat up in the center of my bed listening to the commotion that was going on downstairs. “Oh my god….you killed him! You fuckin’ killed him! Why… please God don’t take him... not him!” She screamed, irrepressibly.

Quickly, I jumped up out of my bed and silently tiptoed towards my bedroom door. I peeked outside before slowly walking towards the top of the steps to see what the hell was going on.

“Shut the fuck up bitch! You choosing this nigga over me? Huh? You thought I was going to let go of you that easy? Bitch, I love you!” The enraged man dressed in all black stressed while standing over my mother, who was rocking back and forth with my daddy’s head resting limply in her arms. Oh my God… nooo!! I covered my mouth to keep from screaming. My chest immediately began to burn from the pain I was enduring in that moment. I was hurt, and my life was now destroyed!

You see, I was a daddy’s girl, and everyone that knew me and my family was well aware of that. My daddy was my everything, so to see him lying on the floor in a pool of blood without a breath in his body tore me into a million pieces. Of course, I loved my mother, but the bond that I shared with my daddy was unbreakable up until this point.

“Rico, I have a family…. I would’ve never left them for you!” My mother cried, with tears streaming down her pretty round face. It wasn’t hard to believe that a man was acting this way over her for the simple fact that she was unquestionably beautiful. She carried certain features that would drive any man wild such as her heart-shaped lips that she would always coat in lipstick that was the same exact color of brown sugar to match her glossy skin. Another asset she possessed was her curvaceous figure that would draw attention regardless of where we were. I remember a time when my mom took me to her best friend’s funeral a few years prior, and the husband of the deceased was more focused on my mother’s ass than he was his beloved wife that he was laying to rest that day. Now, ain’t that’s some shit? However, my father was a different breed of man. He said that it was my mother’s natural and silk black hair that cascaded over her shoulders that caught his attention.

“You sure about that?” The gunman said, pointing the gun directly at my mom’s face.

“Positive!” She scowled spitting between his eyes.

He smiled and wiped his face before roughly grabbing my mom by the back of her neck and throwing her body across the room like it was nothing! It was like this skinny guy had turned into the incredible hulk right before my eyes. Knowing I needed to do something before he killed her, I quickly, but quietly, ran back upstairs towards my parent’s bedroom. Lifting up their mattress, I found an arsenal of my daddy’s guns. I grabbed the Beretta .380, which happened to be my favorite out of all his artilleries, because it was easy for me to handle. That was also the same one that I would always use when he and I would be outside target shooting, so I was definitely accustomed to it. My dad started teaching me how to shoot a gun about three years prior when I was only eleven years old, but trust and believe I had every lesson he taught over the years memorized and saved like my first and last name.

“Ughhh!!!” My mother’s screams and the sound of glass breaking snatched me from my thoughts and back to reality. I checked the clip in the gun making sure it was loaded before I made my way back towards the stairs.

“You want to leave me? You don’t love me no more Cassy?” The gunman gritted.

“No Rico!! I never did.” She whimpered.

“Well, I love you, and if I can’t have you…nobody can!” He said, causing my mom to beg for her life. “But before I send yo ass to be with yo’ soul mate… I gotta feel those gums one last time.” He snatched her up by her hair and dragged her over towards the couch. He unzipped his pants and let his manhood fall out.

“Please, Rico… don’t make me do this.” She begged.

“Shut the fuck up!! I remember when you used to beg for this dick, and now you acting like you don’t want to have nothing to do with it. Kill that noise and get to sucking!” He demanded, shoving her head down into his lap.

Turning around, I said a quick prayer. I needed the Lord to, not only be with me during this time, but to watch over me and forgive me for the sin that I was about to commit. Slowly, I descended the stairs with the gun trembling in my hands.

“Ahh…mmm... just like that Ma.” He groaned firmly pressing his gun in the back of my mom’s skull.

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