Down to Ride Til the Very End

By: Mercedes G & Nikki Simms

“Aye let me see that piece you got under the seat.”

“Sum’ wrong with the nine?” Luxx asked, reaching under his seat and passing me the 357 that was wrapped in a bandana.

“Nah, I’mma need both.” I said, positioning the 357 in the front of my pants with the nine resting behind my back. I ran down the plan to Luxx before stepping out the car. Walking down the sidewalk, I acted as if I lived in the neighborhood. I had my phone to my ear pretending to be in a deep conversation. When I got closer to the car, I noticed that it was turned off and the door was locked. Lucky for me, the bitch had her window down. She was too busy running her mouth, not even realizing that she was being watched. I nodded once she looked my way, and she winked before licking her lips. I smiled back at her thinking to myself just how easy this shit would be. Once I was passed the house and out of view, I snuck back around the side of the car and placed my gun to her dome.

“Hang up the phone!” I gritted, looking from her up towards the house. She quickly raised her hands in the air surrendering. I snatched the phone out of her hand before throwing it on the ground breaking it. “Make any moves, and I’mma splatter yo brains on the dashboard. Now, unlock the doors!” I demanded.

When she hit the lock, I jumped in the back seat and placed my gun to the back of her head. I knew she could tell that I was serious because the bitch started sobbing and begging for her life like she was the first one to be knocked off in a horror movie.

“Please… Please don’t kill me! I have a son… plea…”

“Shut the fuck up!” I pressed the gun deeper into her skull when I saw the front door open and Maino stepped out. “Don’t be stupid! Be a good girl and you can go home to your son.” I clenched.

“Please… I won’t…” She threw her hands up again almost blowing my cover.

“Aye, put yo fuckin’ hands down and tighten up.” I gritted in her ear.

Maino dapped up the same guy before walking towards the car with a big black duffle bag. He opened the door and hopped inside not knowing he had an unexpected visitor in the backseat.

“Sorry about that, Ma. I had to handle some business real quick.” He said, sitting the bag in her lap. “Put that in the back seat for me baby.” He instructed.

“Um… I… won’t… I don’t know what to do.” She sobbed. All I could do was shake my head at her stupid ass.

“What’s wrong with you?” He frowned.

As soon as she tilted her head towards the back seat to put him up on game, I quickly removed the 357 from my waist. When he turned around to see what had his bitch spooked, he was staring down the barrel of my gun.

“Turn around and drive, my nigga. If you reach, I’mma leave yo ass leaking.” I tapped his forehead with my gun.

“Come on, fam. You don’t want to do th….”


Before he could cop a plea, I smacked him upside his head with the butt of the pistol. Not too hard to put the nigga to sleep, but hard enough to let him know I meant business.

“Aite… Aite!” He screamed, holding the side of his head.

I shook my head at how high his voice became. It was crazy how these niggas were out here claiming to be the baddest muthafuckas around but turn into some straight bitches when they got that heat pressed in the middle of their heads. The niggas who feeding them should revoke these pussies’ card or something. They should start testing these muthafuckas before putting them on their team, because they got these niggas fooled out here.

When we got a few blocks down the road, I told him to pull in the dark alley behind a building. He killed the engine and started pleading again. “Look fam, what you want? Money? I got 10 g’s in the glove compartment. Take it, and we can all go our separate ways. I don’t even know who you are fam!” He bawled like a bitch.

“I’m Yung, my nigga!” I said, before pulling the trigger and killing his bitch. Her body slumped over the passenger’s seat, and that’s when he really started acting like a hoe.

“Lil’ homie, please don’t kill me! I’ll do whatever; it don’t matter!” I cut my eyes at dude as if he had lost his fucking mind. When I saw headlights, I told Maino to step out the car slowly. We exited the car at the same time. Getting out, I kept my gun trained on his head. Luxx stepped out of his car, and Maino’s eyes got big as saucers. The look on his face was like he had saw a ghost. You could see the fear in his eyes. He knew who Luxx was, and he knew he wasn’t getting out of this shit alive.

“Aye fam, I didn’t know aite. I didn’t know she was that young. She lie…”

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