Down to Ride Til the Very End

By: Mercedes G & Nikki Simms



Five years later….

“Ohhh, shit…” I moaned out in fake ecstasy. “Right there, Daddy. That’s it!” I rolled my eyes to the ceiling as Rodney hammered into my tight walls. I was laid back onto his marble countertop bored out of my mind. I even caught myself thinking about what I wanted to eat later on that night. Yeah, I was that bored. We had been going at it since I stepped foot through his door and that was over 45 minutes ago. I wasn’t sure whether or not he had popped an X pill or his ass was just backed up and long overdue, because this nigga had been fast stroking nonstop. I was hoping and praying that he would go ahead and bust his nut so I could get the hell on! I guess he thought he was Kevin Gates cause he was acting like he don’t get tired or some shit, steady pumping.

“You like that, lil mama?” He huffed, damn near out of breath.

I’ll like it even more when you hurry yo ass the fuck up! I thought to myself before moaning, “Yasss, Daddy! I love it!”

To add onto the experience, I threw my head back faking the funk the best way that I knew how. Sexing Rodney’s little dick ass was the last thing I wanted to be doing right now, but when money calls, I had to do what I had to do; even if it meant doing something that I didn’t want to do.

Rodney was one of my lil’ boo thangs, and he was also a so-called O.G of the hood. Back in the day, he used to push major weight, but now, he was just a regular old hustler trying to make it just like me and everyone else around the way. Rodney was a lot older than me; 38 to be exact. He also had a wife and three kids, but that didn’t have shit to do with me. Hell, one of his daughters was my age, but do you think he gave a damn about that? Hell, nah! That nigga was always hitting my line for some of this good young loving, and as long as he was paying, I was answering.

Now, I know y’all are probably thinking that I’m a hoe, a thot, a slut, selling my pussy, and fucking these niggas for a dollar, but I’m far from any of that. Okay, let me stop… half of it may be true, but what else am I supposed do? I ain’t got shit to lose, and last time I checked, my bills wasn’t going to pay themselves. After Rodney break me off with this bread, I had planned on paying my car note and rent up for at least three months. All excess funds would go on utilities and personal shit. I guess now y’all are wondering why I won’t just go out and get a regular job, huh? Well, even with a high school diploma, muthafuckas around this way won’t hire you unless you have years of experience, and even then, they have you working like a slave for 7.25 an hour, and that’s not the life I was trying to live. So snatching these niggas pockets every chance I got was the best thing for me to do at the moment until something better came along.

Ever since I lost my parents five years ago, I’d been holding shit down on my own and doing pretty damn good at it. My life had been nothing but hectic since that fateful night, and I was still unsure about my mother telling the gunman that I was his daughter. I didn’t know if she was telling the truth or if she was just trying to save my life, but like I was saying… I had been through so much shit that I was surprised at my damn self for still standing. I had no other choice but to take care of myself, because if I didn’t, nobody else would. Nobody was there for me when shit was rough, not even my sick ass Uncle Lonnie that desperately took me in. He claimed that he loved me and wouldn’t let anything or anyone hurt me, but all of that turned out to be a fat ass lie! That nigga kept me safe from everyone but himself! He only wanted me around for his own personal reasons. It was hell living with that man and his ugly ass wife Patricia. I swear, those were the worst four years of my life!

Night after night, he would find his way into my room and help himself to my virgin body as if it belonged to him. He broke me in and out every chance that he could. There ain’t a hole in my body that he hadn’t penetrated. He took the last thing that I cherished and turned me into his personal sex slave. Had me doing shit that his bum ass wife wouldn’t do. He abused me so much that my body became numb to it. That was cool though, because him and his bitch ass wife both got what they deserved. Stupid ass bitch always turned a blind eye to her husband’s illness. Every night, after being abused, I would lay in bed and think of ways to get rid of them. They should’ve known better, especially since I wasn’t a rookie to pulling the fucking trigger. They surely found out one night after receiving a bullet in their heads while they were sleeping. Right afterwards, I set the house on fire leaving no evidence to consider. They must’ve forgotten who my father was or better yet how the gunman had lost his life. I guess they underestimated me since law officials had written my case off as self-defense after killing the gunman responsible for my parent’s death. Stupid muthafuckas! I thought, quickly, before wiping a single tear that escaped from the corner of my eyes.

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