Down to Ride Til the Very End

By: Mercedes G & Nikki Simms

“Mm, hmm. Well hurry yo bad ass up. I got a date later on, and I ain’t trying to miss out on no paper because my head is jacked up!” Now, while Isyss was in a complicated relationship, she still did a lil’ dirt on the side. Terrance was her main thang, and these other niggas were considered friends with benefits.

“Aite boo, let me get dressed, then I’m on my way.” I said before hanging up.

I walked into my bedroom to find me something to wear. Looking through my closet, I was torn between being comfortable or getting cute. Since I was only going to do Isyss’ hair, I opted on being comfortable. I removed my red and black Chicago Bulls sports bra with the word Bulls written in big lettering across the front, and my matching black leggings with Chicago written in red down my left leg. My red and black retro Jordan’s was going to go perfect with it. After laying out my clothes, I heard my phone vibrate. Looking down at the threatening text from Rodney, I threw my phone back on my bed not even responding. I walked down the hall to my bathroom to take a quick shower. After turning the shower on, I stepped out of my nighties and sat down on the tub waiting for the water to heat up. Like always, I began thinking of ways to get up out the hood.

Scheming niggas to keep the bills paid wasn’t going to last forever. I know I needed to do something to secure my future and get out of the projects. Don’t get me wrong, I would always be a Buck town chick, but sometimes living in the hood gets tiring. I was way past tired of experiencing the same ol’ shit every single day! I was sick of the gunshots, the constant beefing over baby daddy drama, the crackheads that walked around like litter in the wind, and having to watch your shit, because it’ll be snatched in 2.5 seconds if you turn yo back. The walls were so thin that I could sometimes hear my neighbor’s entire conversation. There were many days I had to wait for the water to heat up and bathe quick as hell before it turned cold. Oh, and let’s not forget that I had to constantly buy bug spray damn near every week just to keep the roaches away. I’m not even gon’ get started on the air conditioner. That shit was all fucked up! But these were the cards I was dealt. I loved Bucktown and repped it loud and proud, but I couldn’t wait until the day I was able to get away from that bitch!

Realizing the water was finally hot, I quickly jumped in before it turned cold again. I washed my entire body making sure not to get my hair wet. I had just did it the night before in wand curls, and if it got wet, I wouldn’t have time to redo it. I turned the knob off before grabbing my towel and stepping out of the shower. After drying off completely, I massaged lotion over my entire body. Once my clothes were on, I did a 360 in my full-length mirror giving myself a once over and admiring my shape. Standing 5’4”, 140 pounds, you couldn’t tell me shit! My long, jet black hair that was passed down from my mom crashed down my neck framing my beautiful face flawlessly. Yeah, I was definitely a product of my mother. The only features I had gained from my father were my innocent champagne brown eyes, and my light bright skin complexion.

Pulling my curls up into a high bun, I heard my phone ringing. The Young Thug, “Best Friend” ringtone told me that it was nobody but Isyss. This bitch act like she can’t wait. I shook my head.

“Damn Ice… I’m on my way. Shit, can a bitch put her clothe...” I answered only for her to cut me off.

“Desire, guess who the fuck is across the street from me over at Gin’s house.” She said all hyped up.

“Who?” I asked with the phone cradled between my shoulder and my ear.

“Mutha fucking Salone!”

“Bitch, don’t play with me….” I was in the middle of laying my edges down, but as soon as I heard Salone’s name, I dropped the brush trying to hurry up and put on my shoes.

“On my mama, that’s that bitch!” She confirmed. “After all that shit she popped on the Book, the bitch actually had the nerve to show her face. Damn…I guess she ain’t scary after all.”

“Yea, well we’ll see about that when I get over there. That hoe want to run her mouth all over Facebook saying what she gone do when she sees me…. well we about to see if she can back up all that bark. Calling me out my name and saying how I fucked Dave. That bitch know that’s a fucking lie, and I’m bout to let her ass know. She been begging for me to tag that ass for over two months now.” I said, into the phone.

By now, I was fuming and excited all in one. Dave was the homie, and we lived in the same hood. After giving him a ride to the store one night, rumors began circulating that he and I was fucking. Dave was cool and all, but he couldn’t do shit for me that I couldn’t do for my damn self, so the only person that was dumb enough to believe that I had lowered my standards was his bum ass girlfriend, Salone.

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