Down to Ride Til the Very End

By: Mercedes G & Nikki Simms

“Damn, right… you coming now?” Isyss asked.

“Yea! I’m walking out the door right now.”

“Aite boo!” She said, before hanging up.

Quickly, I grabbed my keys off the counter and my black Michael Kors tote before locking up my place. This bitch got me fucked up!


“Beat that bitch ass Desire!” Isyss yelled, through the oohs and ahhs of the crowd of people that had gathered around to see the fight. This bitch Salone and I was in the middle of the street throwing blows all because she didn’t know how to keep my name out of her mouth.

I couldn’t believe this hoe thought that I wouldn’t eventually catch up to her ass. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I caught that ass slipping, and today was my lucky day! I was sick of the Facebook beef, and everybody knew that I was far from a social media thug because of my history. Hiding behind a computer just to get my point across was something I had never done, and I damn sho wasn’t about to start now. Like my baby daddy, Drake, said in his diss track towards Meek Millz…Trigger fingers turn into Twitter fingers, and that was something Salone had become too familiar with. Her broke ass would rather express how she felt for the world to see instead of dealing with her issues head-on like a woman. Only a real bitch had sense enough not to go back and forth on the internet entertaining irrelevant ass people. I only replied once by saying that I would see her soon and now was that time. There was no more hiding behind a fucking Facebook page! We lived in the same city, damn near the same hood, and this was the first time she’d showed her face. My plan was to put an end to this shit once and for all, and this ass whooping she was receiving was long overdue.

“Fuck that bitch up, Salone!! On mama, you better rock that hoe!!!” Her sister, Tisha, yelled hyping her up.

She was doing all of that encouraging for no reason, because Salone didn’t stand a chance with me. Everybody in Cuthbert knew how deadly these hands were, including Salone. That’s why she only popped shit behind a computer. But still, I couldn’t understand why the scary bitch would even try me like that.

“Get the fuck off of me bitch!!! Let my hair go!” She screamed, as I held onto her hair while punching her repeatedly in the face. Letting my shirt go, she grabbed a hand full of my hair; which only enraged me more. I yanked her hard by her hair trying my best to snap her fuckin neck causing her to lose her balance and fall to the ground.


She tried to stand to her feet, but I kicked her in the stomach causing her to fall back down to her knees.

“Ooooohh, shit!!!” The crowd bellowed.

“Worrlddstarr!!!” Somebody yelled causing me to go even harder. This shit was bound to go viral, and if it did, I wanted to be the one on top.

“Get the fuck back, Tish… ain’t gon’ be no jumping!!” I heard my girl Isyss yell at Salone’s sister.

“Bitch!” I hit her in the mouth. “Talk that shit now!”

She kicked me in the leg causing me to stumble over and land right on top of her. Refusing to let her get up, I shifted my weight and slammed her head into the ground.

“Somebody stop this right now, or I’mma call the police!!!” I heard Mama Jean, the neighborhood grandma, yell.

Mama Jean was close to everybody, and she was always there if you needed anything, which is why the hood respected her so much. So normally, whenever she spoke up, everybody would shut the fuck up and listen, but this just so happen to not be one of those times. At least for me it wasn’t. This bitch gone learn today!

“I’mma kill this bitch!” Tisha yelled. “Nah…let me go!”

Suddenly, I felt somebody snatch me up from behind trying to remove me from the fight, causing Salone to get her a good lick in right in my fucking face!


Nobody ever broke up a fight in the hood; at least where I’m from they didn’t, so whoever this was trying to play captain save a hoe was about to get these hands too!

“Yoooo, Ma… Chill the fuck out! You got that.” A male voice said before putting me down on the ground away from the crowd.

I turned around ready to go off in his shit, but my words somehow got stuck in my throat. Got damn this nigga is fine! Mm, Mm, Mm! I could tell that he was a young nigga from the 360 waves that were displayed on top of his head and the slits in his left eyebrow. His thin mustache outlined the top of his lip perfectly.

“Look, don’t be fucking grabbing me aite! Letting that bitch sneak me and shit. Fuck is wrong with you?” I said, angrily, looking at him like he was crazy.

“My bad, shorty. Just calm ya lil feisty ass down. Catch that bitch on the rebound. You got my spot hot and all that shit is bad for business, feel me?” He smirked.

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