Down to Ride Til the Very End

By: Mercedes G & Nikki Simms

“Whatever!” I spat.

I examined my face with my hands to make sure there wasn’t any blood drawn. When I looked back towards where the fight had taken place, Isyss and our friend Reign was making their way over to where we were. It wasn’t until then that I heard the police sirens at a distance.

“Ain’t nothing wrong wit ya face, Ma, but you too damn pretty to be out here fighting and shit.” He shook his head in disappointment as if I was supposed to be out here representing him or something.

“Hey, the bitch wanted to pop shit on the Book, so I had to let her ass know.” I rolled my eyes.

“I feel you! Just next time, do that shit elsewhere.” He said, before walking away.

I watched him walk across the street and hop in the passenger side of an old school Buick with a nigga that I knew from around the way named Luxx.

“I should’ve known yo ole fine ass was the one out here starting trouble.” Luxx laughed out the window with a blunt hanging from his lips.” I shrugged my shoulders and cut my eyes at ole boy that was now riding shotgun. He was now on his phone engaged in a conversation.

“You walked the dogs on that hoe!” Isyss and Reign approached, giving me a high-five, and we laughed. Reign was our other best friend. Unlike us, she had it made living larger than life with her wealthy parents, who resided on another side of town, that hardly nobody knew existed. For some strange reason, Reign loved our side of town. She had been in the projects kicking it with us for so many years that Ice and I had broken her lil’ ass in. She was immune to this shit just like we were.

“I was tryna do more than that before that nigga over there came and scooped me up!” I rolled my eyes in his direction. “Who was that anyway?”

“That’s Raheem, but everybody calls him Yung. Stay away from that nigga, Desire. He crazy as hell.” Reign said, as we walked off making our way back to Isyss’ crib. How the hell does she know him and I don’t? I wondered.

“What you mean stay away from him? I don’t even know the nigga.” I said taking a seat on the front porch.

“I’m just saying. Y’all are too much alike. That nigga don’t give a fuck, and neither do you!” She warned.

“Stay out of trouble, lil’ mama.” He said, right before Luxx started the car.

“Whatever!” I rolled my eyes as they drove off before them boys showed up. Damn that nigga fine….

Chapter 2


“Pull over right here, bruh!” I directed my boy Luxx as I cradled my phone to my ear. We had been driving around aimlessly waiting on this bitch name Nisha to hit my line and let me know what was up. It was going on 1 am, and she still hadn’t called yet. I was starting to get fed up, because me and Luxx had been out there for over two hours waiting on her ass. When she called me earlier that day and informed me that she had an easy lick waiting on me, me and my nigga was all ears. All it took was for her to run that nigga name and where we could catch him; after that, it was a done deal. When Luxx heard that that nigga Maino was the target, nothing else needed to be said. He was all for it.

Luxx had been waiting to catch that nigga slipping because of what he had done to his baby sister, Angel. You see, Maino was the type of nigga that liked to prey on innocent little girls. Not only did he prey on Angel, but he knocked her up and gave her the clap as well. She was six months pregnant with his seed, and she hadn’t heard from him since the day he implanted it in her. Nobody had a clue that she was even sexually active, so just imagine how pissed Luxx was when he found out that she was pregnant and Maino was the nigga responsible for it.

Now, Maino was 28 years old, and Angel was only 14. Pervert wasn’t the word for what he was, because that nigga was just straight nasty. Luxx had been looking for him ever since he found out, and all thanks goes to Nisha for coming through. The crazy thing about the whole situation was that Nisha was setting up her own baby daddy. Yep, the broad got three kids by Maino and didn’t give no fucks if anything happened to the nigga. Shit like that wasn’t nothing new to me. Bitches in BTP “Buck Town Projects” would do whatever it took for some extra money. Even if that meant setting up the father of their kids.

“What’s the word?” Luxx asked with a blunt in his mouth.

“Calling that broad now man…” I said, dialing Nisha’s number once again.

“Hello!” She answered out of breath.

“Yo, I ain’t with the games, Ma.” I had become impatient.

“No games, Yung! I had to make it seem like nothing was going on. He downstairs now. He should be walking out…y’all see him?” She asked when Luxx pointed over at somebody walking out from behind her apartment building.

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