Drawn to You: Volume 2

By: Vanessa Booke

She jerks as I nip her ear with my teeth. Her eyes close in ecstasy as I run my lips across her neck and between her breasts. A moan escapes her lips as I bite the fabric of her bra with my teeth. I could devour her whole. Claim her as mine. I quickly stop my mind from wandering too far down that road.

“Are you ready for me, pet?” I ask, sliding my hand over her pelvis.

Nails tearing into my back follow her small gasp.

“If you leave marks, I’m going to return the favor,” I warn.

She doesn’t listen, or maybe she does, but she doesn’t seem to care because her nails dig deeper into my skin. I lean my mouth forward capturing her right nipple in my mouth and slide my fingers inside of her. I can feel her pulse pounding as I slowly stroke her.

“More,” she says, smashing her mouth against mine.

“What, sweetheart? I can’t hear you.”

“More. Please, Tristan.”

I turn Emily on her stomach and press her chest onto the bed. Her legs shake in anticipation as her ass tilts in the air. I nudge her legs open and stroke her with my cock. Her lips glisten in the darkness and her sweet little rosebud sits swollen between them. My hands trace her skin from behind. I could paint our lives together, but no amount of skill could reflect the beauty of being with her.

“I love the way you feel,” I say, rubbing my cock at her entrance. As her hips buck into me, I know I can only tease us both so long before I unravel in front of her.

“Please,” she begs.

“Tell me you’re mine.”

I slide my lips across her back and up the side of her shoulder.

“I’m yours.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck,” she moans as I press the tip of my cock inside of her.

“You want this?”

I feel her clench around me as I slowly press further into her. She’s just as tight as I remember.

“Yes,” she cries.

Emily’s voice cries out as I slam into her from behind. I try to hold back as I feel myself peak at the sensation of her wrapped around me. Her moans echo throughout the room as I force myself to thrust faster. The harder I go, the more she seems to love it. My fingers intertwine into the bottom of her locks as I lightly tug on them. Her soft voice cries out to me begging me not to stop, and I happily oblige. A tremor radiates throughout her body as she orgasms beneath me. That’s all it takes to send me unraveling. A soft moan breaks free from her lips as I pull out and bring her up against me. Satisfaction fills me at the sound of her ragged breath.

As she turns to look at me, the light feeling inside me is quickly replaced with a darker one.

Where the fuck do we go from here?


THANK YOU to my AMAZING street team. Kathy, Susan, Wendy, Blanca, Kali, Sherry, and Mimi. I don’t know where I would be without your support. To my Booke Fans, I love you guys! You make writing so much more fun. Thank you for always cheering me on.

To Fabie & NJ, thank you for loving Tristan so much. I probably wouldn’t have written this book without your encouragement.

To my family, I love you. I couldn’t have asked for a more loving family.

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