Drawn to You: Volume 3

By: Vanessa Booke


Spending my birthday weekend in Tristan’s arms was not how I imagined this trip would go.

His warm hands slide across my stomach as he molds my back against his chest. I lean into the sensation letting my body take in the warmth of his touch. My insides instantly heat as his hand roams over my hip and lightly squeezes it. Only hours ago our bodies were colliding in a rhythmic motion that left me reeling and in a breathless state.

Now, Tristan’s touch is a clear reminder the lines between us have blurred once again. The ache across my bottom is yet another piece of evidence that last night wasn’t a dream. I smile at the memory of Tristan’s hand coming down hard on me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t relish the thought of sharing that experience with him again. What’s wrong with me? Now I like being spanked?

“Good morning, pet.”

I look back to find Tristan staring at me intently. His hazel eyes assess me with curiosity. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but he looks even more handsome with bed hair. Black strands fall back just above his ear giving him a rather rogue appearance.

“Good morning,” I say, slowly gathering the covers around me to shield my nakedness from the man behind me. The situation is foreign to me. Not that I’m ever used to being naked around anyone. The few times I have been never ended well. Tristan slowly slips from the bed and stands to dress. Despite the intimacy we shared last night, I can’t help but feel embarrassed at the sight of his cock standing erect. I blush as he turns and catches my gaze. A ghost of a smile graces his lips as he walks toward me. His movement is almost predatory.

“I’ve seen that curious look before. Several years ago,” he says.

I know exactly what he’s referring to. I begin to pull a satin nightie on, but before I have a chance to finish dressing, Tristan yanks me up against him. I nearly moan at the sensation of his erection pressing into my backside. His breath tickles my neck as his hands slide up to my shoulders.

“Last night should’ve never happened.”

My heart leaps into my throat as his words vex me. The only thing that softens the blow is Tristan’s fingers. They trace the skin just above my collarbone as he slowly draws circles across it.

“But I’m glad it did,” he reluctantly admits.

The raspy gruff of Tristan’s voice sends shivers down my skin as he places one hot kiss on my shoulder. Relief floods through me at his confession. I’ve wanted this, whatever this is, for so many years. I would be naive to think everything is going to fall together now. I gasp as Tristan grabs me and captures my ear between his teeth. A shockwave of pleasure spills over me as I feel his hot breath against my skin. I’m not sure how much longer I can take him touching me without turning around and attacking him. He reaches down and traces over the fabric of my nightie.

“I might leave early today to go back to the city,” he says, letting me go.

“So soon?” I blurt. I can’t hide my disappointment even if I wanted to. Is this his way of making a clean break from last night?

“Sebastian Wolfe wants to meet so he can choose a few of my paintings for the fundraiser he’s hosting.”

Sebastian? I blush at the memory of the mysterious Dom I briefly met at The Pleasure Chest and Tristan’s apartment. Something tells me the paintings he’ll be observing aren’t the usual kind that you find at a fundraiser.

“I hope your meeting goes well,” I say, trying my best not to sound disappointed.

Tristan smiles before quickly finishing dressing.

“I’m going to go back to my room and shower,” he says.

Shit. I hadn’t thought of anyone being home until this very moment. The room Tristan and I are in feels detached from the rest of the world around us. Sometime during the night, we moved from his room to mine. Thankfully, mine is positioned on the other side of the hallway from where my brother sleeps. Oh, God. If Nicholas finds out about what happened last night…I’m not even sure what he would do.

“You should go before my brother finds you here,” I say.

A chuckle escapes Tristan’s lips.

“Don’t worry, pet. No one will keep me from you.”

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