Drawn to You: Volume 3

By: Vanessa Booke

I’m not sure how I managed to shower and dress myself without replaying every intimate detail over and over again, but I did. My body is drawn forward toward him. I’m halfway through the door when I realize Ceci is sitting a few feet away. Her figure pops into my view as she takes a seat at the breakfast bar. Her position gives her the best view of Tristan’s body. She doesn’t bother looking up at me as I approach. My heart aches at her indifference toward me. From behind, I can barely make out the outline of her smile as she continues to stare at Tristan. Something about the look on her face makes me curious to know what’s spinning through her head.

“Good morning,” I say, sliding next to her.

A tight-lipped smile appears on her face, but it vanishes just as quickly. Despite my best attempt at getting her to acknowledge me, her gaze never wavers from Tristan’s lean body. I reach next to her for the pitcher of orange juice hoping she’ll turn toward me, but she keeps her intense gaze on Tristan. To my surprise, Tristan turns and places a plate of fresh eggs and waffles in front of me. On top, is a pile of sliced strawberries waiting to be eaten. It’s as if he’s been anticipating my appearance.

“Eat,” Tristan commands.

Ceci’s eyes shift over at me with curiosity. Did she catch the same deep tenor in his voice when he gave me his order? My cheeks flame bright as I feel both of their gazes on me. There’s an uncomfortable shift between us.

“Would you like some eggs and waffles, Ceci?”

“I would love that. I bet yours are incredible.” Ceci’s seductive tone rolls off her like velvet to the ear. A streak of jealousy runs up my spine as she adjusts her breasts in her shirt. I’m not going to lie and say Ceci’s breasts aren’t bigger than mine are—because they are. I was graced with the body of a dancer, but the tits of a pubescent twelve-year-old.

“Emily, aren’t you hungry? You need to eat,” Tristan says.

I shovel a fork full of waffle into my mouth to keep myself from saying anything stupid. Tristan watches me with a slight smile of approval as he slides over a cup of orange juice and maple syrup for my waffles. Despite the animosity in the room between Ceci and me, I’m still enjoying the silent conversation between Tristan and myself. I smile as he pops a strawberry into his mouth without taking his eyes off me.

Tristan avoids crossing me and instead, takes a seat next to Ceci. I watch him as he pours himself a cup of coffee. My best friend leans into him as he grabs a packet of sugar off the counter forcing Tristan to subtly shift missing her boob grazing his hand. His eyes meet mine for a brief moment before he draws his attention back to the cup in front of him. I have a feeling we’ll be having a conversation about this later. Ceci isn’t detoured from her seduction so I busy myself by reading the Sunday paper, allowing me to only catch snippets of Ceci’s words, but the parts that I do turn my stomach.

“So, Tristan, are you seeing anyone?”

My heart stills as Ceci’s question hangs in the air between us. I try my best not to look up at Tristan, but I feel his eyes wash over me. He goes silent for a few seconds before eventually answering my best friend.

“No, I’m not seeing anyone. My work schedule doesn’t really give me much free time.”

“Oh, that's a shame,” Ceci says.

She isn’t sad about it. In fact, I can almost see her smiling at her newfound information as the wheels turn realizing there’s no competition for his affection. If it weren’t for the fact I love Ceci, I wouldn’t hesitate tackling her to the ground right now. I can’t blame her for her infatuation because I can’t seem to get over mine. Unable to stand the open flirting directed at Tristan any longer, I leap up from the table, causing them to briefly direct their attention to me while I place my dishes in the sink. I’m halfway out of the kitchen when I feel Tristan behind me. His fingertips are almost touching me, but they fall back at the sight of my brother entering the room.

“Good morning,” he says with a devilish grin.

“Where have you been?” I ask

His eyes light up with mischief.

“I stayed out late last night.”

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