Drawn to You: Volume 3

By: Vanessa Booke

Apparently, with the blonde he left with. No surprise there.

“You look like you had fun.” Tristan laughs.

Nicholas’s grin widens. I’m not sure how so many women fall into Nicholas’s trap, but they do. No one seems to be able to resist his charm. I can’t wait for the day some woman puts him in his place. I don’t want my brother to be a manwhore forever.

“So, I was thinking we should go sailing today,” Nicholas says, stepping around us.

“Oh, my gosh. That sounds like so much fun!” Ceci squeals, jumping up from the breakfast counter and grabbing Tristan’s arm.

Her eyes briefly turn back to me.

“Oh! We should totally invite the sexy bartender you met last night. I can’t believe you didn’t go home with him.”

I catch sight of a smirk on Tristan’s face as Ceci goes on recalling how I had left the Oasis without Tyler, the bartender. I wish Augie were here. He would know what to do about this whole ridiculous situation. Why isn’t Tristan pushing Ceci away? Instead, I watch as he sits enraptured by the words spewing from her mouth.

“What do you think, Em?” Ceci asks.

Half an hour ago, she was pissed at me, but now she wants to set me up on another date. I silently watch her with Tristan as they both stare at me waiting for me to speak. I’m not even sure how to act around the man I slept with last night and the friend who seems to think he’s hers.

I smile through my gritted teeth.

“Sounds great.”

“He was totally a hottie,” she says. “And he was totally ogling your ass.”

Tristan clears his throat, and the sound reverberates across the kitchen’s open air straight to my clit. I avoid his pointed stare, but it’s no use. My eyes flicker up quickly and then back down as his hazel eyes tug at my heart.

“I’m going to go get ready,” I offer.

“Make sure you pack some extra clothes because I think we’re going to stay over night on the yacht.”

I gulp. Overnight?

Sleeping in the same place as Tristan and Tyler doesn’t sound like a good idea. Even if it’s a yacht. It’s still not enough room to handle that much testosterone. God help me.


Tristan’s hot gaze scorches me.

I feel it trickle down my neck like sweat, covering me, overwhelming my senses with its intensity. Despite the breeze and never ending ocean that surrounds us, I feel stifled. The sun beats down on me as we sit sunbathing on the deck of Nicholas’s luxury yacht. I’m going to need more sunblock if he keeps staring at me like that.

Tristan hasn’t said anything to me since we left the beach house. The whole drive to the marina he kept up the small talk with Ceci and Nicholas, but he didn’t even bother trying to talk to me. His silence is a reminder of the hurt I felt the years he spent avoiding me. I look up from my glass of champagne to find him staring intently at something on the deck. As I turn, Tyler’s muscular form pops into view. Tristan’s glare extends to Tyler, but it never quite reaches me. I shouldn’t care. I’m fooling myself if I think Tristan could ever be serious about me. It was evident from his response in the kitchen. Wasn’t it?

“No, I’m not seeing anyone.”

His words taunt me. What was I expecting him to say? He never asked me to be his girlfriend. I was stupid to think we’d ride off into the sunset after last night. The past four years we’ve spent apart changed both of us. My ears strain to hear the private conversation that my brother shares with Tristan. His grin brightens his brooding look, but it quickly vanishes as Nicholas walks away. I’m starting to wonder if his feelings for me are as much a facade as the emotions he portrays.

“Hey, Emily.”

My eyes widen at the ripples of Tyler’s chest. I wasn’t expecting his body to be so lean underneath his t-shirt and board shorts. His grin widens as he catches me staring at the artwork on his skin. A sleeve of tattoos runs up his forearm wrapping around his chest, accentuating the outline of his muscles as his bronze skin is illuminated against the ocean backdrop.

I’m not blind when it comes to men, so it’s not hard to figure out Tyler is definitely a guy who could date almost any woman he wanted. He’s easy on the eyes, and for some reason, he’s interested in me, despite ditching him the other night.

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