By: Marian Tee

Her lips took a mulish slant for a second, as if everything about her hated having to follow him. As all the women he knew had been eager to do his bidding, may they be human or not, he found her determination to resist him refreshing.

And cute.

Cute and hot, and again he was tempted to do something. It was a toss-up between grinning and kissing her senseless.


His lips met in a straight line as she glared at him. She took a deep breath, opened her mouth, and screamed.

It was irritatingly high-pitched, making Alexandru wince. Outside the room, he heard the trolls stop talking.

“Do you think he’s hurting her? They’re gonna kill us if he hurts her bad,” one of the trolls muttered nervously.

Hearing that, Alexandru said hastily to the soul seer, Change of plans, pet. Now we have to convince them you’re enjoying sex.


If not, they’ll barge in here and then you’ll leave me no choice but to make love to you. They’re worried that I’m hurting you. They’re scared of the repercussions since they’ve been asked to keep you unharmed at all costs.

Zari tried to understand what the vampire was saying, but it was hard to concentrate when there was a very hot and intensely male body pressed against her. For the past ten minutes now, she had been doing her best not to think about the fact that something had stirred into life against the junction of her thighs. Something long, thick, and so amazingly hard.

Do it now! Or they’ll come in—

Zari let out a scream.

Alexandru’s jaw dropped. That sounded like someone had just tried to kill her. I said, make it sound like you’re enjoying my touch.

That WAS what I was trying to do!

Ah, okay. Then try it again but less like…you’re being killed?

Frowning, Zari tried again, and this time she added a little moan.

Alexandru slowly ran a hand over his face, using it to keep the fact that he was laughing his ass off hidden. This time, she had succeeded in not sounding like the next victim of Norman Bates. This time, she succeeded in sounding like a ghost.

Outside the door, the trolls were becoming more anxious, the bag of gold coins in their pocket ignored.

Ah, damn. He was left with no choice—

Zari froze when she heard the door being opened.

She looked up at the vampire, and once again he took her by surprise by closing his mouth over hers. The kiss was hot and deep, drugging her senses to the point that she had a hard time remembering this was not what she wanted. She tried to struggle against the vampire, but every movement only made his cock slide up and down against her flesh, which was slowly…getting…wet.

The realization made her whimper in dismay against his lips, a sound that only had him chuckling softly before he deepened the kiss, his tongue invading her mouth and making her head whirl. She tried to beat his chest with her fists but when he started sucking on her tongue, her hands somehow ended up clutching his shoulders, nails digging deep in the sinewy strength of his back.

Passion was beginning to cloud his mind, but Alexandru did his best to remain alert. Slowly, he moved his hand up, brushing against the sides of the soul seer’s soft body before cupping one breast. The little whimper she did was as cute as he feared and hoped, and his cock ached even more at the sound. Knowing that all her attention would be focused on his hand on her breast, Alexandru reluctantly pulled away from their kiss to address the trolls.

“I need some privacy,” he whined even as he started kneading her breast. With his back to the trolls, the soul seer’s nudity was completely hidden from their view and only her face was visible. He needed the trolls to see the expression on her face to assure them he was not going to kill her.

“You sure giving it to her good, vampire,” one of the trolls muttered.

“I like her soft with pleasure before I start to hurt her,” he answered without looking away from the soul seer. When she glared at him at his words and opened her mouth to retort, Alexandru’s lips only curved – just before his fingers around her breast closed in on her nipple. And then he pinched, ever so gently, just enough to make the pain arousing.

Zari gasped. No man had ever touched her breast, and no man certainly had ever touched her nipple. The sensation was so shockingly intense that she forgot what she wanted to say to the vampire and ended up whimpering instead.

His fingers moved again, rubbing and pulling on her nipple, and Zari bit her lip, not wanting to make another embarrassing sound.

Even as Alexandru heard the trolls leaving and shutting the door behind them, he couldn’t make himself stop teasing the tender, sensitive flesh under him. What he was doing now had nothing to do with convincing an audience about his ability to bring a woman to an orgasm. Right now, all he cared about was the girl under him – and teaching her the real meaning of pleasure.

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