By: Marian Tee

His cock throbbed urgently at the look on the soul seer’s face. Her eyes were hazy with desire, her cheeks flushed with pleasure. If this went on any longer, he really would fuck her now, and that just wouldn’t do.

In his mind, he called to his men. Are you in position? He had given them as much time as he could to follow the coordinates he had provided.

Yes, milord.

Thank fuck. Alexandru untied his cloak and wrapped it around the soul seer, surprising her. Stay here and do not leave this room until I come back for you. Do not trust anyone except me.

The words made Zari pull the cloak tighter around her body. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was worried about the vampire. Even though he had taken gross advantage of her body, he was still the nicest “monster” she had encountered ever since her abduction. He was, in fact, the only living creature she knew, now that her parents were…missing. She didn’t allow herself to think they were dead.

What are you planning?

There is nothing for you to worry about.

She stiffened. I’m not worried.

A sly smile flashed on his lips. I truly must teach you not to lie to me one day. Do you know that every time you lie, you only become irresistibly cute and it makes me want to fuck you even more?

Her mouth opened and closed. She had no idea what to say to that, and judging by the glint of amusement in the vampire’s green eyes, he knew it, too – and was relishing it.

His fingers twisted around her hair all of a sudden, and before she could think of pulling away, he was already moving in, taking her lips in a deep kiss. One last kiss to wish me luck.

One blink, and he was gone from her side, the sound of the door smashing against the wall the only clue about where he had gone.

Another blink, and she saw terror distorting the troll’s already-hideous faces just before they slumped to the ground, their necks twisted.

Third blink, and Zari heard everyone outside screaming.


Dawn had broken by the time Zari stepped out of the mining shaft, the carnage behind her a nightmarish memory she probably would never forget. The rocky walls of the tunnels had been splattered with blood, the ground littered with bodies.

When the vampire came to stand next to her, she whispered, “The other candidates? What happened to them?”

“They’re all safe, pet. You need not worry about them.”

“Are you sure?” She didn’t think she could live with herself if they had suffered because of her.

“I always speak the truth. Lying is a waste of time for me.”

She nodded, paused, and mumbled, “Zari.”

Alexandru slowly turned his head to look at her, pretending not to understand what she had said. “What’s that?”

“My name.” She swallowed and pulled the vampire’s cloak closer to her body, feeling cold and alone all of a sudden. “It’s Zari.” She glanced up at him. “What’s yours?”

“Alexandru.” Before he could say something else, one of his men approached him, kneeling in courteous greeting before speaking. Alexandru mentally winced at the show of respect. The old guard just couldn’t accept that he was no longer a part of the ruling family of Sangre.

“My lord, all the slave masters have been accounted for.”

Zari started at how the other man – vampire? – addressed Alexandru. He was a nobleman vampire? Like Count Dracula?

Zari’s thoughts were so loud that even though she hadn’t meant to use the blood bond between them, Alexandru was still able to hear them. Her last thought made him cough, and he said in exasperation, I am not like Count Dracula.

When her jaw dropped, it was clear that she had also forgotten they were able to communicate mentally. This was also cute, but the way his cock instantly reacted to it was not. Alexandru rubbed his jaw grimly. He had to get rid of the soul seer as soon as possible. He didn’t like the way his body was reacting to her.


When he turned to Zari, none of his frustration was evident on his tone as he asked, “What is it, pet?”

“My parents…” She told him what happened, doing her best to keep her voice void of emotion. If she heard herself break down just the tiniest bit, she didn’t think she’d be able to stop crying.

Alexandru carefully considered her words. If her parents had indeed drowned, then his men should have found their bodies. They had scoured the woods far and wide several times to make sure that none of the slave masters had escaped.

But if they had not drowned, where were they? Why had they not come to claim their daughter? The information he had been given about Zari’s parents were unclear. No one could say if they were her biological parents and thus full-blooded soul seers as well. But if they were, surely they should have sensed the danger hunting them down?

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