Falling for My Boyfriend's Dad

By: Cassandra Dee

But Jonah wanted to prove his masculinity.

“I got it, don’t worry,” he bragged, and bent at the knees to pick up the refrigerator. It was true, the thing wasn’t bigger than an armful, but Jonah has a thin frame and pretty scrawny arms. The boy labored and strained, face growing red as I watched, the box not moving an inch.

“Oof!” he grunted. “Umph!”

I was so embarrassed for him that I ran over and lifted one side, both of us managing to hoist it awkwardly between this.

“You okay?” I said tentatively. Honestly, this thing was frickin’ heavy and maybe a dolly would be better.

“Of course!” he wheezed, although I could literally see his biceps trembling from the strain. “Won’t be a problem at all, we just need to walk smoothly, we’ll get it up three flight of stairs no prob.”

But I had my doubts because my own arms were beginning to tremble as well, and I thought I might drop the thing on my toe, making me a cripple on my first day. So I opened my mouth to say something, to avert disaster, when a man stepped in, taking the weight off our arms, lifting the fridge like it was nothing more than a ball of fluff.

“Got it,” the man rumbled. “You guys go first.”

I gaped at him. The stranger was devastatingly handsome, the most gorgeous male I’d ever seen in my eighteen years. Tall, broad with rippling biceps and a wide chest, he threw me a wink before turning again to Jonah.

“Like I said, son, you go ahead, I’ll follow with this pretty girl,” he rumbled smoothly.

And my mouth dropped open. This man was Jonah’s dad? What the hell? He was so fit, so gorgeous, so strong, nothing like my middle-aged parents. But it was true because Jonah scowled.

“Thanks Robert,” he said sarcastically, turning away. “For nothing,” he muttered under his breath.

But Robert heard everything, rolling his eyes at the sky.

“After you, pretty lady,” he said to me, winking once again as Jonah huffed off. And upon closer look, I could see that the man was older than I thought. A few strands of grey decorated his temples, and those deep blue eyes had crinkles at the corner. Other than that though, he had the body of a god, powerful, ripped, those strong arms shown off by a casual blue tee, long legs encased in jeans.

“Um, thanks,” I murmured, ducking my head. “I’m on the third floor, just a couple doors down from Jonah.”

And the big man nodded again.

“Third floor it is,” he rumbled, eyebrows raised. And we made our way back to the dorm, past Jonah’s room to my place, humbly decorated with just a bed, a desk, and a couple of my personal items. Like I said, I arrived at Hudson with my worldly possessions crammed into two suitcases, so I didn’t have a lamp or any decorations really, just my mom’s needlepoint that I’d hung on the wall, looking a little limp and sad in my bare room.

“I’m still unpacking,” I explained quickly, cheeks flushing as the man brought in my mini-fridge. “I have more stuff, it’s just being unpacked.”

And Robert put down the box, straightening slowly to look around. But instead of being judgmental, he merely gave me a smile.

“I like girls who don’t have much stuff,” he said lightly. “Helps keep things simple.”

And I flushed. He liked girls without much stuff … like me? Was he flirting with me? My body grew soft and loose even as my nipples tightened, pussy growing moist. Was this alpha male, this tall, dominant, adult male flirting with me, making like I was a female he’d like to know, to play with?

But it must have been my imagination because he flashed one last smile before reaching for the doorknob.

“I’m Robert, by the way,” he said, pausing at the door. “Robert Martin, Jonah’s dad.”

And I nodded dumbly, furiously willing my body to calm. Oh god, my heart was going a million miles an hour, my pussy growing even more moist. I wanted to be an adult, wanted to act smooth and sophisticated, make like I was an experienced city girl, but instead all I could croak out was, “Nice to meet you.”

And the big man shot me another knowing smile, like he could read my mind, like he knew exactly what I was feeling.

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